BOSTON, Mass. — At the ATCA Summit 2007 show in Santa Clara, CA from October 16-18, 2007 (booth #417), CorEdge Networks, Inc., demonstrated a 2U high 4-bay wide addition to its popular PicoTCA product family (CEN-PICO-2U4). The CEN-PICO-2U4(TM) is the latest addition to the CorEdge Networks popular PicoTCA product family.

The system is a 19″ rack-mountable 2U high MicroTCA/PicoTCA platform for applications such as WiMAX/3G base stations or test and development. Networking, IPMI management, clock, JTAG and power infrastructure are provided by the industry leading CorEdge Networks’ MicroTCA Carrier Hub (CEN-MCH(TM)) and Power Module (CEN-MPWR(TM)). The CEN-PICO-2U4(TM) supports up to three double-wide or six single-wide Advanced Mezzanine Cards (AMCs) or combinations of the two types, and support for PICMG AMC.0, AMC.1, AMC.2, AMC.3, and AMC.4 compliant modules.

CEN-PICO-2U4 The CEN-MCH(TM) supports optional MCH clock modules for PCI Express, Telecom, and GPS applications and optional MCH fabric modules for PCI Express, sATA/SAS, 10GbE, and sRIO. The CEN-PICO-2U4(TM) features dual front replaceable fan modules for system cooling and an external AC to DC power supply is available.

Why the CEN-Pico-2U4(TM) is significant:
* Created in response to industry request for more AMC bays in a 2U form factor.
o More bays lowers the MicroTCA “per bay” cost by amortizing the system modules (MCH & PM) costs over a larger number of AMC Bays
* First MicroTCA solution that supports three double wide slots in 2U of rack space for demanding telecom or enterprise applications.

“CorEdge Networks has the broadest line of PicoTCA systems in the industry for next generation MicroTCA applications,” said Will Chu, President of CorEdge Networks. “CorEdge Networks successfully launched its CEN-PICO-1U3(TM), CEN-PICO-1UR(TM) and CEN-PICO-xUE(TM) products in 2006 and quickly became the industry leader in small form factor PicoTCA systems. The CEN-PICO-2U4(TM) broadens an already deep line up of PicoTCA systems.”

The CEN-PICO-2U4(TM) is available for immediate delivery.

About CorEdge Networks
CorEdge Networks is a leading supplier of ATCA/MicroTCA/AMC/IPMI compliant infrastructure products including the industry’s first MicroTCA Carrier Hub (MCH), 10GbE MCH, MicroTCA Power Module, PicoTCA development platform, 10Gbps and 20Gbps FPGA-based AMCs and full ATCA Cutaway Carrier. CorEdge Networks customers include a number of leading telecom, military and embedded systems companies. Most MicroTCA working deployments use one or more CorEdge Networks components.

For more detailed information on CorEdge Networks, see

CorEdge Networks MicroTCA Products
CorEdge Networks’ MicroTCA product line includes boards as well as test/development systems. At the board level, CorEdge Networks produces the industry’s first standards-compliant MicroTCA Carrier Hub (MCH), which provides management of a MicroTCA chassis for up to 12 AMCs, and supports various networking and clocking functions. The CorEdge Networks MCH currently supports one of three different clock modules that enable Telco, PCI-Express or GPS/WiMAX applications. Fabric MCH modules support 10GbE, PCI-Express or SerialRapidIO ‘fat pipe’ switching. The MCH interoperates seamlessly with CorEdge’s Power Module, which provides MicroTCA power management/distribution.

To support MicroTCA system developers, CorEdge Networks has produced the industry’s only series of ultra-small form-factor PicoTCA systems. The CEN-PICO-1US is a complete “standalone” AMC and MicroTCA Test and Development System that provides engineers and system designers with a cost-effective tool to aid in the development, design, debug and test of AMC and MicroTCA systems. It includes a System/Power Controller that enables users to quickly “bring up” AMCs in a MicroTCA-like environment to facilitate AMC development. The Pico 1US is extremely compact, measuring 13.0″ (w) x 8.0″ (d) x 1.75″ (h) [1U].

CorEdge Networks’ PicoTCA chassis are stackable up to 4U while sharing a unified management and power system. For engineers needing greater access to functions in the testing of an individual AMC, an engineering test version with a Rear Transition Module is available. A 19″ rack-mountable system that supports redundant configurations and additional AMC modules is also available.

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