Arkansas Company’s Added Capabilities to Increase Clients Sales and Marketing Opportunities

NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Custom Printing Company of North Little Rock, Ark., a regional leader in digital printing, has purchased a NexPress Digital Color Production Press from Kodak. The new printing system upgrades Custom Printing’s production and versioning capabilities and allows them to continue to help their clients create more effective sales and marketing communications and to increase their client’s ROI on their marketing investments.

Custom Printing considers this investment as the next step in their digital printing evolution. Custom Printing delivers “one to one” marketing services that allow their clients to produce full color, highly personalized documents utilizing variable data and imaging technology. The combination helps make any printed sales tool more effective in gaining mindshare. “Before you can sell them anything, you have to attract their attention,” according to Paul Strack, President of Custom Printing. “Our NexPress lets our clients do that with high-quality full-color imagery that are unique to each recipient.”

“Our clients are now able to better motivate and support their sales channels by producing more highly targeted sales materials.” says Paul Strack, President of Custom Printing Company. “Variable data printing allows our clients to create totally unique versions of each printed document based on the prospective customer. By purchasing the Kodak NexPress we believe we can now offer our customers the “best in class” technology.”

NEXPRESS works by converting digital files directly into full-color printed pieces, so the time it takes to set-up a conventional press is virtually eliminated. That makes NexPress well suited to printing full color on demand and in small quantities, a task conventional presses cannot economically handle.

“With NexPress, our clients can order the exact quantity of pieces they need now, and not worry about overruns or warehousing thousands of copies,” says Paul Strack, President of Custom Printing. “That saves them time and money and allows them to keep their sales and marketing materials current. That’s crucial in an age where product specifications and marketing messages change so rapidly. ”

A critical feature of the NexPress is the fifth imaging unit solution which allows Custom Printing to add a fifth color to significantly improve the reproduction of spot colors and color-rich images. This is a major improvement over other digital printing processes in that it allows a very close match for color specific corporate logos and marketing standards.

Custom Printing offers free consultations to marketers who are interested in putting the power of on demand printing, personalization, variable date printing and versioning to work in their sales and marketing efforts. They can call 501 375-7311 to arrange for an appointment or visit the web site at to learn more about targeted marketing and digital printing.

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