OWENSBORO, Ky. — Straight from the horse’s mouth, or nose to be exact, Governor Ernie Fletcher recently unveiled a unique land maize in the shape of the Kentucky Unbridled Spirit logo on a farm near Owensboro, it was announced today by Lambert Land Maize and Pumpkin Patch. “This is important for us and important for Kentucky,” said Pat Lambert, owner of Lambert Land Maize and Pumpkin Patch. “It speaks volumes.”

Kentucky Maze of MaizeThe 10 acre corn maize invites visitors to find their way to and then around the state of Kentucky through a GPS navigated and cut path depicting the state’s new logo- “Unbridled Spirit”, an outline of the state and then around the shape of a horse. Once in Kentucky, the path takes you to five cities around the state, through the horse’s nose and finally, assuming guests find their way, out of the corn field.

“This is certainly the largest example of Unbridled Spirit I’ve seen,” said Governor Fletcher.

Pat Lambert and her family entertained over 250 friends and figure heads from across the region celebrating the collaboration of agriculture, education, and tourism.

This season, which runs through October 31, marks the Lambert’s fourth season in the agritourism industry. The first year, the corn maze attracted over 4,000 visitors. This year’s design hopes to attract over 10,000 visitors. Each year’s design has always featured an educational component, but this season’s Kentucky theme should produce the perfect crop for curious ears of all ages.

“We hope visitors to the maize will find their way to Kentucky then explore and learn about the state,” said Lambert.

Travelers through the self-guided corn maize will visit Albany, Owensboro, Louisville, Paducah and Covington where they’ll learn interesting facts about the destination from the maze’s mascot, Farmer Philly Bob. Maize tourists will also encounter 20 mailboxes along their route containing age appropriate trivia questions about the state of Kentucky.

Evening guests to the corn maze are encouraged to bring a flashlight. “We want everyone to know, we’ve got the spirit day or night,” said Lambert.

Contact: Pat Lambert, Lambert Land Maize, 1547 Hagan Lane South, Owensboro, KY, 42301, 270-764-1448 or 270-764-2333 or

NEWS SOURCE: Lambert Land Maize and Pumpkin Patch
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