eNewsChannels COLUMN: On November 1, our Native American Olympic Team Foundation (NAOTF) submitted to the UN its recommendations, including wisdom of Indigenous Elders, for the 2012 Rio+20 Conference, June 21-22. This marks 20 years after the first UN Conference on Sustainable Development, and never in history has there been such a need to work in unity to restore Earth.

What gives humanity great hope is our new heart and mindset thanks to the Occupy World Movement, where the 99% are taking more active roles in protecting and sharing the planet’s precious resources. This follows the UN’s “International Mother Earth Day” where 192 Nation States now honor Mother Earth annually on April 22st, for being a living, loving, intelligent, compassionate being. It was initiated by the Indigenous Bolivians after losing in 2008 their 18,000 foot ski area and glacier, the water supply for 2 million people.

Native American Olympic Cross Country Hopeful, Mariah Cooper, (Lac Courte Oreilles-Oneida) “Honor the Earth Princess,” blissfully blessing Whistler Mt’s XC trails and Nature during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, to the delight of fellow skiers. Photo courtesy: Karl Schiebe.

For this 2012 summit, the most respected environmental organizations on Earth just submitted their recommendations so that World leaders and citizens could digest their brilliant solutions. Then at RIO+20 they can agree, prioritize and start holistically preventing the projected massive die outs by creating a sustainable New Earth. Many solutions can be implemented now, as time is so precious.

NAOTF’s recommendations are particularly important to the Olympic Sports movement since the world’s mountain chains, with thousands of ski areas on them, are our main source of precipitation (along with the oceans), including the recent freaky weather. And the snowmelt is critical for all our playgrounds and life support systems.

Oprah’s attendance at an Aborigine Women’s ceremony on Australia’s sacred Mt Uluru on world TV was the first time many have been aware of the importance of participating in cross-cultural ceremonies and prayers together. Yet for years many enlightened ski communities in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and elsewhere, have been helping ensure that our beloved snowsports go on through tribal outreach. Disruption of electricity alone from these earth changes that the Mayans and other tribes prophesied, along with increased solar flares in 2012, which NASA warned about – why we need off-the-grid renewable energy – could affect the ability of our civilization to thrive, especially snowsports.

I honor the foresight of my fellow US Olympic Teammates who voted our foundation funding in 1999, realizing that the wisest way to help ensure that future generations can enjoy snowsports is through restoring our integrity with Nature. And what better way than through the tribal wisdom of our ancient ancestors, which the tribes are helping us remember.

Because scientists expect more droughts,(and wildfires that further heat our planet), UN’s Sustainability officer, Marie Mercedes Sanchez, encouraged NAOTF to share with communities around the world how the North American Ski Areas and Tribes have together miraculously ended droughts since 1963. The key is inviting tribal youth to enjoy skiing and snowboarding in their beloved ancestral mountains, which has inspired their Elders to lead Gratitude Snowdances. (See press documented miracles on .)

Sincere prayers and ceremonies lift the vibration of the mountains, as well as oceans, where no toxins exist, as Japan’s Dr. Emoto has demonstrated, and this purification rebalances Nature’s cycles. Six Nobel Prize winners agree with the gifted Elders and Earth healers, that rebalancing Nature cycles in practical and spiritual ways is crucial to smoothing out these Earth changes.


Therefore, with the blessings and connections of David Ingimie, President of the SnowSports Industries of America, NAOTF is calling on ALL world ski communities to assist their ski areas in inviting a dozen nearby Indigenous youth for a day of joyful skiing and snowboarding. Plus requesting that an Indigenous Elder or shaman lead a Gratitude Snowdance, and graciously hosting their family. The ideal time for these modest gatherings of good-hearted people from both cultures is this December when ski areas also need ‘gentle snows’ the most, to lead into 2012. This is also a good time for ski areas downunder to thank Creator for the snow they have just received and gather good karma for next season. WWW.SNOW-RIDERS.ORG has maps, websites and contacts to the tribes and ski areas nearest you.

If the tribal youth fall in love with healthy skiing or boarding, which some of their ancestors invented with the Chinese-Mongolians 8-10,000 years ago (according to Mammoth’s 2009 World Ski Congress), we recommend adopting Telluride SkiCo’s Ute Mountain model, endorsed by President Ingimie. Ute students pay (a super affordable) $15./day and chaperones $30.; the ski school donates a few lessons; and a couple of ski shops share donating the rentals as their part of still inspiring snowblessings.

Ski communities could follow New Zealand’s lead. A promoter wants a group of our Native American Olympic Hopefuls, dancers and an Elder to enjoy skiing, boarding and sharing ceremonies with their Maoris and mainstream kids during their June 2012 Winter Festival. Seneca Iroquois Elder RobertJohn Knapp has offered to assist. With citizens from six European countries behind him, Knapp inspired Pope Benedict to declare in 2008 that “it a sin to poison the water.” We are also open to ski and ceremonial exchanges like we did with the 10-year-old King of Africa’s Uganda, (which has snowy mountains) and the Ute Tribe at Colorado’s Keystone Ski Area. For questions, contact

Trendsetting North American Ski areas, including Vail, Telluride, Aspen, Steamboat, Ski Sunlight, Park City’s 2002 Games, Mammoth, Taos, Heavenly Valley, Big Bear, Snow Valley, Snow Summit, Mt Shasta, Mt Ashland, Stevens Pass, Snoqualmie, Alyeska, Cochran’s Hill (Vt), Sugarloaf, Whistler at Vancouver Olympics, Sun Peaks and 11 other Canadian Ski Areas, plus Gstaad (Switz), Kitzbuhl (Austria), Bariloche (Argentina), and Portillo (Chile) have learned priceless lessons from their tribal weather miracles about living in more harmony with Nature: How giving appreciation to Mother Earth for all She has given us, including the snow, plus healing the past and starting a new beginning with nearby tribes through these events and programs, inspires more snowblessings. Also key is switching to earth-honoring green products, organic food, and renewable energy, like Aspen and Jiminy Peak (MA), which are partially self-sufficient solar and wind energy heroes.

In 2007 we skiers learned that prayers can effectively be directed to assist other countries, when European Ski Areas were suffering “the warmest winter in 1,200 years.” NAOTF’s European advisor, French Princess Caroline Murat, reported how the snows finally came following a Hawaiian Elder’s-led prayer, on Feb 14th, Valentine’s Day, to include Mother Earth in our hearts. Participants included many from Earth Charter USA’s 2,500 communities, the ONEness Network, thanks to Oneness scientist Sperry Andrews, and the Pacific Rim thanks to the China Millennium Council.

We also learned from gifted Cherokee Earth healer, Olivia Ellis Phd, the power of praying on the amazing “19 Holy Mountains” on four Continents. “It is like having 3,000 friends praying with you,” she said. Uniting the powerful prayers of an Interfaith Gathering on Mt Baldy Ski Area, a Holy Mt near LA, with millions of Apache-led prayers, helped miraculously bring the rains and wind that stopped the fires across the street from Los Alamos Nuclear Lab.

Scientists have proven the power of prayers and a few have done successful experiments capturing and sending prayer energy. The most effective has been the late Sir George King, a British astrophysicist-mystic who founded the Aetherius Society. He became a household name in the Isles in the 60’s after inventing a way to store in batteries the high vibrational energy of groups chanting and praying on holy mountains, and later redirecting them toward preventing or reducing catastrophes. When the focused energy is released, firestorms, hurricanes, droughts, floods, and earthquakes are neutralized or transformed into life saving weather conditions; work they have been doing for five decades for world communities and Nature. Since it is hard to amass people on a holy mountain or even a prayer group or ceremony at a moment’s notice, King compassionately created this safety net for humanity in advance of extreme weather and earth changes, which we are especially witnessing at this time.

“The tribes call this ‘The Purification.’ Ultimately it’s not Mother Earth, but us who need to raise our vibration by green actions, healing deeds and appreciation–so She doesn’t have to by shaking us off Her back. Our Earth Mother will be purified one way or another, with or without us. The karmic bell that is tolling now tolls to let us know it is time for all hands to be on deck working together; the only other option is to walk the plank,” said Dr. Ellis.

Here’s an example of the beautiful energy at the Mt Baldy Pilgrimage; Locations of Holy Mts – near Aspen plus New Hampshire, Britain, Switzerland, France, Africa – and info to make safe pilgrimages on

Since not everyone has mountains, and we must together restore our dying oceans to survive and thrive, the UN also encouraged us to spread the importance of community participation in oceandances, led by Indigenous Elders or shamen. For example, I attended a joyful Azteca-led one in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, on 11/11/11, a holy day that also multiplies prayers. Regular tribal ceremonies have helped keep ports like Puerto Vallarta, Paradise. Their waters are clear and the whales are jumpin!

A Mayan leader said this cross-cultural reuniting of our hearts with Mother Earth through ceremonies, is the key to reducing the 2012 earth changes. Why not open our hearts a little now instead of after catastrophes? Sir George King reinforced the Mayan message in saying that there is only one energy crisis on this planet, and it is a spiritual energy crisis.

Each culture has a special critical gift for humanity. The Indigenous Peoples have the closest connection with Mother Earth and track record of reviving and rebalancing Her, praised by UN members. With 2,000 tribes going extinct each year, according to the U.N., this outreach will help preserve them and their priceless wisdom that we need more than ever. Therefore we hope that many are inspired to read and act on NAOTF’s holistic recommendations for RIO+20, including why we need a nuclear-free world to together restore our only home.  


Since the youth are the future, we call on the world schools to share the following stunningly riveting youtube videos to save us all precious time helping create a generation of Earth Caretaking Geniuses:

A Child’s Appeal to the U.N.:

Plus the multi-lingual “HOME,” “Water: The Great Mystery”, the “UN’s 2011 International Year of Forests.”,

Austrian astrophysicist-shaman Johann Grander discovered a way to use the original water with its potent healing properties to purify tap water. Using it in the snowmaking machines of his country’s ski areas has resulted in more consistent snow and people can even drink out of his Kitzbuhl streams. His Grander Method, honored by the Russians, has amazing applications used worldwide, such as replacing chlorine in pools:

Michael Berry, President of the National Ski Areas Association, has praised the Mountainriders Alliance (MRA), founded by Jamie Schectman, for helping create a new era of U.S. ski areas putting communities, green energy and integrity with Nature, including tribal ceremonies and programs, over profits. ( MRA just announced partnering with Skilogik, a green equipment pioneer. For every pair of their magnificent cutting edge skis sold, they plant a tree and donate $35 to give Native youth a chance to restore their health and have Olympic dreams.

Other key videos are: Lester Brown’sPlanet’s Scarcest Resource Is Time”: and THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?

Here’s how school diets can transform violence and student bullies into harmonious Earth Caretakers, why First Lady Michelle’s Children’s Organic Garden at the White House is spreading to schools across the U.S., since it is also helps end obesity.

NAOTF recommends Stevia, a no carb South American Tribal-discovered herbal sweetener, which has also been helping Asians stay lean and clean and lower diabetes and alcoholism, since alcohol is a toxic sugar. Fortunately, Stevia sweeteners and beverages have just been approved in the US and E.U..

Telluride’s 4th grade environmental class got to see Nature through the eyes of their Indigenous ancestors when a Park Ranger got sick and we helped them get a Cherokee historian to take the students on a hike. The kids were totally fascinated and wanted more. Inspired by their consistent snow, Aspen SkiCo wants to include Ute-led Nature hikes.

By world schools and ski areas including Native-led hikes, humanity could have a spiritual love affair with Nature, like most of the UN members and renowned authors who spoke on this year’s Live webcast part of International Mother Earth Day.

Here are the other priceless recommendations for RIO+20 by each country’s most effective environmental organizations:

Special thanks to Mountain Creek Ski Resort (NJ) and Ute Mt Casino (CO) for helping make all this possible. And Thanksgiving blessings to all Mother Earth’s caretakers, especially Native Americans, whose Iroquois model of male-female balanced democracy is springing up worldwide.

The Elders and your children bless you for doing your part to create this dawn of a joyfully humming New Earth!



Suzy "Chapstick" Chaffee Bio - as first woman on the USOC board in the 70s, she led the successful reform of the Olympic Rules with Legends like Bill Bradley, Muhammad Ali, Jack Kelly, Kip Keino, which leveled the playing fields with the government supported countries through Madison Ave, then led the Title IX March in DC. In 1996 she co-founded the Native American Olympic Team Foundation that has inspired ski areas across the US and Canada to invite tribal youth to share the joy of skiing with over 10,000 youth, which inspires their Elders to lead snowdances that have saved ski areas from droughts for 55 years. At the request of SLOC, she orchestrated a snowdance that restored their snow and also a Native ceremony with Ali, that protected Utah from expected terrorism, and every Olympics since then, including RIO!