There are magical moments in our lives, you know the times, when everything flows easily and effortlessly and the world is in perfect harmony. We are full of life, at peace, and know all is well. Everywhere we look there is beauty. We catch a glimpse a world in which anything is possible.

Our energy has made the right shift, a light shift and we are vibrating at the optimum level of energy for greatest satisfaction. Not so high that we are scattered, not so low that we are uncomfortable with negativity… everything feels right, and we are in a curious state of calm. Now how do we nurture these conditions to keep them constant?

Sometimes we think that if we work at it, we can recreate the scenario that takes us to that level, what we call centered. We want to keep this magic alive and try to look for more things and circumstances to make these conditions repeat. A simple example is we have a great new car and feel on top of the world in this great new car. After the car is old news we must find a new thing to take its place. We go on a trip, we get an award, we help someone, our kid makes the honor role, we get the perfect job, the perfect deal, or some such thing — you know the drill. Mostly “things” and “events” shape the way.

Shirley Ryan - Working TogetherWe can continue to create these situations and conditions that help to manifest the state of affairs that will make our world great. Externals have their place to bring fun, color and joy to living, but they don’t make the kind of peace that I am referring to. What I am referring to is a stable, long term sense of inner serenity. The trick is to allow the good things in life in, while our inner spiritual power blossoms, without feeling like we have to continually perform. When we are performing, it feels like acts of desperation rather than serene states of faithful knowing. The work is to stay in alignment, that is, thought, feeling, belief, and desire connect and match consistently. Then of course, we must let go of the dramas that fill life in a negative way and move to mid ground to keep our energy pure.

Then there are those for whom the simple “things of life” are elusive. When you feel that the great new car (fill in the blank) just isn’t materializing, then ask yourself some hard questions. Sometimes we are in a mind set that doesn’t work. What we want doesn’t fit with our beliefs about who we are or how we have been conditioned to see ourselves. With these elements in conflict we allow emotion to drive our belief systems, and we are resisting the very thing we want. So if you say you want money, but your belief is that money causes corruption, then you probably won’t have much money in your life. One cancels out the other. What if you don’t feel that way, but a parent did? Then that belief is lurking somewhere, buried in your history banks as Parent Tape #6,426. Unburying that parent tape is the first step in getting resolution.

Any way you look at it, these circumstances takes a toll on how your desire is fulfilled. Incongruence in any of these areas resists the process. Openness to allowing creates energy around fulfillment of those desires. So how do we begin? There is only one way, with us!

Tips to get started

    * Meditate: Structured or otherwise meditation works, even if it is only one or two minutes several times a day, practice breathing and staying focused.

    * Break up negative thoughts: With non-judging observation, then redirect your attention to anything beautiful

    * Hold your attention: On what you desire, which can be a image in your minds eye or a physical picture

    * Examine desires: What do you believe about them? What do your parents believe? What does your personal culture (family of origin) believe?

    * Emotions: Stay in a feel good place, but get detached from the outcome.

    * Synchronistic clues: Look for guidance in everyday interactions, be vigilant for a word or gesture that will provide direction. Take action when appropriate.

    * Intuition: What does it say? Your higher consciousness knows the way. Trust yourself!

Ultimately the answers are within us. This place inside, past all of the layers of our history is our core self, a place of pure love and this energy unites us with our Source. In this joyful reunion with our own magnificence we see the beauty in all living things. Here is where our power lies, within this temple of pure energy and non-judgment. In this way we allow ourselves to live full, complete and abundant lives.

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