AUBURN, Maine — The new Dual Action Cleaning Pen, designed to remove stubborn adhesive build up from thermal print heads, is being released today by KICTeam. Using the same convenient marker-style design currently found with the EZ Thermal Printer Cleaning Pen, this new pen has two separate marker nibs to perform two very distinct functions. The first nib carries an adhesive remover to make it possible to easily remove adhesives caused during printing of label stock and linerless labels. The second nib carries the same isopropyl alcohol recommended by all thermal printer manufacturers to properly clean the print head. The combination of both products in one easy-to-use pen creates a very versatile product for maintaining thermal printers.

“The adhesive build up created when printing label and linerless label stock with a thermal printer is unavoidable,” said Debra Ross, Product Manager of KICTeam. “Like any fine piece of machinery a little maintenance will go a long way to prolong the life of the equipment. By simply removing the adhesives that build up with the adhesive remover end of the pen, then cleaning the print head with the IPA end, you have easily accomplished what the thermal printer manufacturers recommend. The Dual Action Cleaning Pen keeps the print head and platen roller clean of contaminates and sticky adhesives.”

Label printing is an everyday activity in almost all industries. The accuracy of the information on the label is directly related to the cleanliness of the print head. Barcodes could easily be misrepresented with a stray line caused by adhesive or paper dust build up on the print head. The readable characters on labeled medicine or sample vials could become illegible. Most errors can be easily corrected with a simple cleaning. The Dual Action Cleaning Pen is the proper tool to clean thermal print heads.

About KICTeam:

KICTeam is the world leader in the development and manufacturing of cleaning cards, including Waffletechnology(TM)-based (patent pending) products. Our growth in the last 20 years is driven by the close cooperation with OEM’s in the development of proprietary cleaning solutions. Our headquarters are in Auburn, Maine, with a worldwide presence through strategic partners.

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