eNewsChannels COLUMN: To help rebalance Mother Earth to smooth out these 2012 earth changes and to protect and purify our oceans and mountains from Japan’s radiation leak, leaders of the US and Canadian SnowSports Industries, Cousteau’s Ocean Futures, Mountaineers like Jim Whittaker, biologists from Mexico to the Arctic Circle, and National Parks protectors like Connor Sauer, all invite the world’s communities to ask their Indigenous Elders to graciously fulfill a UN request: To please lead ceremonies and prayers around International Mother Earth Day, April 22.


Witnessing the technological world running out of solutions to our world eco crisis, or many without the will to prioritize them, Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann, President of the UN General Assembly, said, “We need to listen to the Voice of Indigenous People.”

Backed by six Nobel Prize Winners advising the UN and humanity that “We need to rebalance Nature’s cycles,” the Indigenous Bolivians proposed an International Mother Earth Day on the traditional Earth Day, to include Mother Earth in our hearts. This huge mind to heart shift for humanity was unanimously supported by their 192 united nations. With the melting in 2008 of their only glacier/ski area that supplied the water for two million in La Paz, the Bolivians wanted to enhance rebalancing our planet’s weather by lovingly adding “Mother” to our “Earth Day.”

In looking for ways to inspire communities to live in more harmony with Nature as part of UN’s International Mother Earth Day, UN Sustainability leader Maria Mercedes Sanchez of Nicaragua, was touched hearing about Native American Elders magnanimously leading Gratitude Snowdances that end snow droughts and awaken mountain communities that Mother Earth really listens. See dances:

Sanchez also welcomes your input via an Interactive Dialogue with the General Assembly on April 20:

The first known Snowdance was in 1963, when Vail asked Southern Ute Elder Eddy Box Sr. to please save them from their disastrous two year, snowless opening. “Wanting to create more harmony between our cultures and Nature,” said Box, “our Ute Cloud Clan transformed our ancient traditional Raindance into a Snowdance.” The miracle was covered on the CBS Huntley-Brinkley Report.

Thanks to ski areas across America since 1995, inviting nearby tribal youth to ski and snowboard in their ancestral lands, this beautiful outreach has inspired many Elders to lead these often magnificent Snowdances that have pricelessly saved ski areas from droughts, artificial snowmaking, and toxic cloud seeding that harms Nature and Man. See press documentation on Therefore, Sanchez said, “Please share your mystical American experiences with communities around the world.”

Even before the Gulf Oil Spill and Japan’s Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Energy catastrophes, Nobel Prize winners like Dr. Stephen Schneider, Eric Chivian, Muhammad Yunus, and Joseph Stiglitz agreed with Indigenous Elders how to rebalance Mother Earth. We must stop taking “oil, the blood of Mother Earth,” which is the lubricant to prevent earthquake eruptions within our continental tectonic plates. We must stop poisoning the water with toxins, especially nuclear radiation that kills all life forms. That is why the tribes and mystic, British astrophysicist Sir George King, who wrote the book, You Are Responsible, said all things nuclear are against Universal Law. Since communities are only as healthy as their water, and contaminating water is suicidal, Seneca Elder-scholar RobertJohn Knapp enlightened Pope Benedict. In 2008, the Pontiff declared, “It is a sin to poison the water.”

That is why Elders and scientists agree it is imperative to do our part to responsibility shift to renewable energy, all natural products, and organic food, to stop tainting the water in the first place. Technology has no way to fully detox and restore our trashed oceans and drinking water.


Therefore the UN agrees with the Indigenous Peoples that our whole Earth Family needs to spiritually heal Mother Earth by expressing love and appreciation to Her for Her gifts – everything we have! In the YouTube video “Water: The Great Mystery,” researchers in 11 countries and a Nobel Prize winner put science behind the power of words. They verified Japanese Researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water crystal tests on how expressing “love and appreciation” purifies water, and these tribal ceremonies electromagnetically raise the vibration of the mountains and oceans to a level where toxins cannot exist. So the power of love and gratitude actually helps purify the mountains, oceans and Mother Earth!


The Hopi call 2012, “The Purification.” “In purifying and rebalancing the mountains and oceans through these ceremonies, we are restoring natural precipitation and snow cycles that result in gentle feminine nurturing rains and snows, instead of destructive masculine floods, hurricanes or blizzards,” say North American male Elders. This Mother Earth day is a chance to make a leap in progress toward fulfilling the Prophesy of the feminine energy in women and men purifying Mother Earth. Here is a touching message circling the planet from Mainstream Men to Women that is rebalancing society and therefore our Earth Mother.

The rising feminine wisdom is also thanks to women relearning the ancient ways from the World’s Indigenous Grandmothers and all Elders. By being bridges between cultures, they have spawned networks reconnecting more and more women and men with our Earth-honoring roots. A few of the great women bridge-makers include: Margaret Mead, Gloria Steinem(Intro to A Good Day to Live-, and Aspen’s Connie Baxter Marlow, former executive director of Ski the Rockies and Mayflower descendent, who uncovered their 50 years of harmony with Chief Massasoit’s Wampanoags: Plus Earth protectors: Connor Sauer, advocate of our National Parks and Treasures and Woman’s Way Red Lodge, and Helen Caldicott MD who won the Nobel Prize as President of the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War. This visionary Australian called nuclear energy “a destroyer of Worlds,” and “Japan’s radiation is a Medical Problem of Vast Dimensions”(CNN) That is why both practical and spiritual solutions are crucial.

The CBS Early Show revealed in April that the synthetic hormones in fragrances, beauty products and foods – banned in Japan and Europe – are giving 15% of America’s 7 yr old girls early puberty. Shifting to all natural products, in addition to safe renewable energy, could help rebalance the natural cycles of Mother Earth and of our daughters (to also prevent breast/uterine cancer).

Just as pure essential oils from herbs and flowers have been proven to raise our vibration and therefore health, toxic synthetic oils listed as “perfume, scent, fragrance,” lower our vibration and health. They also harm the immune systems of marine life, whereas cleaning with all natural products, such as sodium biocarbonate, 7th Generation, Dr. Bronner, raises the health of water. Going greener is a priceless Mother Earth Day Resolution!

Mother Earth Day is also an excellent time to celebrate the extraordinary snow that has given joy to many snow sports lovers worldwide. After publicly thanking the tribes for pricelessly saving them over the years, David Ingimie, President of the SnowSports Industries of America, Michael Berry, President of the National Ski Areas Association, and Colin Chedore, President of Ski Canada (MicMac), plus Whitaker and Kitzbuhl Ski Club President, Dr. Michael Huber, are now encouraging world mountain communities to participate in this “important UN initiative.”

Ms. Sanchez also requested that our Native American Olympic Team Foundation ( help inspire seaside communities to invite Tribal Elders to lead Ocean dances. Many tribes often hold ceremonies on beaches at dawn, and many resorts, as in Tahiti, host tribal dancing and drumming at sunset, two potent spiritual times. Cousteau’s Ocean Futures, called “the Voice of the Oceans,” and George Pletnicoff, Aleut biologist-guardian of the Arctic Seas where heavy toxins end up, are now graciously spreading the word across Alaska, the North, and ports worldwide, inviting everyone to participate in giving love back to our oceans that so joyfully heal and provide for us.

Since what we do on our mountains, plains and ports ends up in the oceans, our communities together have the power to purify the oceans, restore the Gulf, and Pacific from Japan’s nuclear leaks and fallout by participating in these cross-cultural ceremonies and prayers. We have seen how regular tribal and cross-cultural ceremonies in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, have helped clear the waters so their microscopic plankton and whales flourish. Plankton is not only the base of the ocean food chain, but also our main source of oxygen, even more than the rain forests, scientists say.


“We hope our South and North American Solidarity inspires other continents to experience these phenomena that reconnect communities with their Indigenous Earth-loving roots,” agreed Ingimie, Berry, Chedore and Whitaker. “Our Native American Elders are offering to assist countries that may not have gifted Elders, Shaman, or Mystics to lead these ceremonies,” said Seneca Elder RobertJohn.

Special thanks to all the Elders and Earth healers like the Eddy Box Family, Rollingbears (Lakota), RobertJohn, Olivia Ellis (Cherokee), Valerie Nunez (Apache), Owen Waters, Telluride’s Rabbi Michael Saftler and TelSki, Christopher Simmons, Drai Turner (graphics), Lynn Wendekind, and the Aetherius Society, as well as UN’s Bolivian Ambassador Loayza and Sanchez, Pulitzer Prize photographer David Kennerly, scientists Sperry Andrews, Matthew Turner, and Patricia Mastrandrea of Dr. Stephen Schneider’s shared Nobel Prize team, who all contributed to this.

Blessings to Gene Mulvihill, owner of Mountain Creek Ski Area, and Gerald Pond and the Ute Mountain Casino for helping us spread this UN initiative worldwide. And to fellow skiers and Olympians who first believed in Tribal Wisdom, and each of you for being heroes to your children in doing your critical part.

As more and more mountain and ocean communities invite their Native Elders to lead these ceremonies, and more people make conscious choices to show loving respect for our Earth Mother, we are following the Indigenous way of healing Her and ourselves. Our Global Family is quickening our rebirth into a joyous flowering New Earth. What a phenomenal reason to get together and dance!

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Suzy "Chapstick" Chaffee Bio - as first woman on the USOC board in the 70s, she led the successful reform of the Olympic Rules with Legends like Bill Bradley, Muhammad Ali, Jack Kelly, Kip Keino, which leveled the playing fields with the government supported countries through Madison Ave, then led the Title IX March in DC. In 1996 she co-founded the Native American Olympic Team Foundation that has inspired ski areas across the US and Canada to invite tribal youth to share the joy of skiing with over 10,000 youth, which inspires their Elders to lead snowdances that have saved ski areas from droughts for 55 years. At the request of SLOC, she orchestrated a snowdance that restored their snow and also a Native ceremony with Ali, that protected Utah from expected terrorism, and every Olympics since then, including RIO!