BioLet composting toilets are an innovation developed over 30 years ago in Sweden

NEWCOMERSTOWN, Ohio — There are many ways to conserve your valuable water supplies. Now could be the time to take a closer look at your toilet system, says BioLet USA, Inc. With the extreme low levels of rainfall and the already low water tables, many homeowners and residents of drought affected states are concerned with the growing drought conditions and the effects it will have on their daily lives.

Many families are, justifiably, looking for ways to conserve their valuable water supplies that are rapidly declining during this drought situation. One aspect people start taking a closer look at is their flush toilet.

BioLet USA Inc A Report released by the EPA, “How to Conserve Water and Use It Effectively” states: “Residential demands account for about three-fourths of the total urban water demand. Indoor use accounts for roughly 60 percent of all residential use, and of this, toilets (at 3.5 gallons per flush) use nearly 40 percent. … More than 4.8 billion gallons of water are flushed down toilets each day in the United States. The average American uses about 9,000 gallons of water to flush 230 gallons of waste down the toilet per year.”

This report also states that replacing 3.5 gallons per flush toilets with 1.6 gallons per flush toilets will result in a 34 percent savings in household water consumption. However, Jim Weaver, Operations Manager of BioLet USA in Newcomerstown, Ohio states: “BioLet has a product that will further reduce this usage to zero!” BioLet is the US distributor for a Swedish manufactured toilet system that requires no water, no sewer or septic hookup. BioLet toilets need no chemicals and produce no offensive odors.

BioLet composting toilets are an innovation developed over 30 years ago in Sweden to remedy the country’s increasing water problems. BioLet toilets work closely with Mother Nature: In warm weather, naturally occurring aerobic bacteria transform organic material into a safe, non-offensive soil component called “humus.” Humus is a valuable additive that conditions the soil by supplying vital nutrients. BioLet unites this natural process with modern technology and advanced engineering to accelerate and optimize the decomposition of solids and evaporation of liquids. The finished material is collected in the bottom of the unit, while any odors and water vapors are exhausted through the ventilation system. This entire process is completed within a toilet that is easy to install, simple to maintain and economical to operate.

Another report by the EPA, “Water Efficiency Technology Fact Sheet: Composting Toilets” states: “Public health professionals are beginning to recognize the need for environmentally sound human waste treatment and recycling methods. The composting toilet is a non-water carriage system that is well-suited for (but is not limited to) remote areas where water is scarce, or areas with low percolation, high water tables, shallow soil, or rough terrain. Because composting toilets eliminate the need for flush toilets, this significantly reduces water use and allows for the recycling of valuable plant nutrients.”

With many governmental agencies and organizations including; The US Forestry Service, US Coastguard, Tennessee Valley Authority, Girl Scouts of America, University of Texas, Westminster College, North Jersey Water Supply Commission and many more using BioLet’s composting toilets, it is clear to see that they are a viable option for replacing conventional toilets and conserving water! Since BioLet toilets have become more common to use, they are now available nationwide through Home Depot and other fine retailers.

On October 30, 2007, the National Drought Mitigation Center in Lincoln, NE states in its National Drought Summary: “For the longer period, the updated seasonal drought outlook indicates that drought will persist or even expand across the Southeast, Gulf Coast, and the Southwest….”

Therefore, next time you think about what you can do about the drought, think before you flush!

Further information about composting toilets can be obtained by contacting BioLet USA at 1-800-524-6538, visiting their web site at, or writing to them at PO Box 548, Newcomerstown, OH 43832.

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