CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — nPulse Network Systems LLC, a leading OEM designer of powerful network sensors for monitoring and security applications, has announced PCAP Express 10G, its latest hardware-accelerated implementation of the popular PCAP API. The product extends the functionality of nPulse’s PCAP Express technology up to line-rate 10Gbps monitoring and packet capture. By transparently applying the power of hardware-acceleration to packet capture, time-stamping, measurement, filtering and multi-CPU load-balancing, PCAP Express 10G enables easy scaling of libpcap-based applications such as Wireshark, tcpdump or Snort, to 10Gbps performance, with standard, cost-effective server hardware. Software developers seeking higher performance can quickly move their existing development investment to a completely new level of performance, opening up entirely new markets and opportunities.

Working with its technology partner, Napatech Inc, nPulse demonstrated a 10Gbps packet capture sensor using tcpdump at last week’s Interop show in New York. Porting of the tcpdump application to PCAP Express, and configuration for 10Gbps performance on a standard server appliance, took less than 10 minutes of effort. No source code modification was required. With a simple recompile using the PCAP Express 10G library in lieu of the standard PCAP library, tcpdump was capturing traffic at full 10Gbps line rate. The technology is readily applicable to other PCAP-based applications in monitoring, capture and storage, and network security.

Chad Keefer, networking and security author, industry blogger and consultant with the Minor Group said, “10Gig technology is proliferating as network traffic continues to grow. The whole market needs a quick way to take the familiar tools we already use for gigabit networks, and power them up for 10Gig. nPulse’s PCAP Express now makes that a simple proposition.”

PCAP Express 10G is available for the Linux and FreeBSD operating systems. The technology is embedded in all of nPulse’s sensor products, including the reference designs at and the custom solutions nPulse develops for its OEM and channel partners. For more about PCAP Express, visit

About nPulse Network Systems, LLC

nPulse Networks develops advanced Network Sensors for its partners in government, telecom and commercial markets by combining the advantages of flexible open-source software with powerful hardware acceleration to deliver multi-gigabit throughput in a compact, affordable package. nPulse, a recognized leader in high-speed network applications, is also a Gold-level sponsor at

nPulse is headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. For more information, visit

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