PUNE, India — Infinishare Technologies ( has announced the release of Purplenova 2.0 – The Easy Web Server which when installed on any PC with an Internet connection allows users to web-host content directly from that PC. By making content web-accessible with a URL directly from where it resides, Purplenova 2.0 provides an alternative to hosting with Hosting Services, ISPs or Blog sites.

Purplenova 2.0 includes several new features such as the ability to host content either for private or public access. It also supports Perl / PHP / CGI etc in addition to static content of any type. A content owner can access privately-hosted content on his/her PC in a secure password-protected manner from the Internet with any standard browser, even a mobile browser. Lastly, publicly content hosted with Purplenova 2.0 is now searchable.

Purplenova was first launched in late 2006 for self-publishing directly from desktops. Security being a key consideration, Purplenova requires users to explicitly identify the files they want to host and the software assigns a URL Hyperlink for every resource hosted. Intended readers access the hosted resource from the Web by entering the URL into any standard Internet Browser, without needing any other additional software or plugin.

Explaining the need for a product such as Purplenova, Dr. Anand Soman, the CEO of Infinishare explained that “Traditionally, one needed a Computer with a real IP address to Web-host content. Large majority of the world’s computers at people’s homes or offices are behind Proxies, Routers, or Network Address Translation devices and therefore unable to host content directly. Moreover, since much of the Web 2.0 content is ‘user-generated’, it makes sense to host it directly from where it first resides, i.e., the user’s own home or office computer.”

“The fact that the reader does not need any specific software gives Purplenova an edge over P2P file-sharing offerings in the market, and ensures that Purplenova content can be accessed from mobile devices as well.”

About Infinishare
Infinishare Technologies is a provider of cutting edge products for Mobile and Internet access. Much of Infinishare’s R&D team is based in India while its IT and support infrastructure is housed in locations around the world.

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