PORTERSVILLE, Pa. — With the price of oil going up, smart consumers are buying resin furniture now, says Adams Mfg. Corp. While stacking chairs are always a good value, next year the price of resin furniture will increase. “I’m buying my stacking Adirondacks now,” say those who want to experience savings. These consumers know that the chairs in the stores now were bought last year, when the price of raw materials was low. Those prices are all going up next year because the price of oil continues to increase.

Resin furniture is always a bargain. It doesn’t need to be painted, it doesn’t crack or split like wood, and it doesn’t rust and oxidize like metal. And, it’s 100% recyclable.

Adams Mfg resin pool furnitureFor the rest of this summer, resin furniture will be cheaper than it will ever be again. Taking advantage of this, people are stocking up for next year. It is the most intelligent thing to do, says Adams Mfg. As a result, resin furniture is moving out of the stores faster than ever before.

According to the company, “If you see it, and you think you’ll need it, buy it now, while it’s cheaper.” Alert consumers know a bargain when they see one.

Established in 1981, Adams Mfg. takes pride in providing high-quality, safe consumer products Made in the USA. In addition to casual furniture, Adams also manufactures Christmas decorating accessories, suction cups, and magnets. The company holds exclusive patents on many of its items.

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