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New Book for Kids, ‘Our Walk with Grandma’ by Dolores F. Kurzeka, Shows That Fun Multigenerational Walks Create Memories that Transcend...

eNewsChannels NEWS: -- A newly released children's book, "Our Walk with Grandma" is both fun and educational. It shares a cherished time of a grandma and her grandkids enjoying a beautiful walk together while learning about the surrounding nature. It's written by Dolores F. Kurzeka, delightfully illustrated by Nichole Monahan and posthumously released by her children to honor her memory.

National Library Lovers Month: ‘Our Walk with Grandma’ Donating Books to Southern California Libraries

eNewsChannels NEWS: -- The family of late author Dolores F. Kurzeka announced today their plans to donate "Our Walk with Grandma" (ISBN: 978-1039145450, FriesenPress) books to Southern California libraries in honor of National Library Lovers Month. The public is welcome to suggest their favorite public or school library by submitting a message on the "Contact Us" page.
Our Walk with Grandma

The family of late author Dolores F. Kurzeka is thrilled to announce the release of ‘Our Walk with Grandma’

eNewsChannels NEWS: -- The family of author Dolores F. Kurzeka is thrilled to announce the release of "Our Walk with Grandma" (ISBN: 978-1039145450, FriesenPress), her long-awaited children's picture book about the beauty of family and nature. Written 20 years ago, Kurzeka was unable to find an illustrator before her passing. Her children continued the search and found the perfect illustrator Nichole Monahan, and brought the book to market to make their mom's dream of publication come true.

Next Generation Indie Book Awards: Sandra LA Boszko honored for Memoir about Social Justice and Overcoming Mental Health Struggles

eNewsChannels NEWS: -- Sandra LA Boszko is quickly building a name for herself as an author who's edgy and honest. That's why her new book, "Welcome to California: From LA County Jail to #1 in Sales" (ISBN: 978-1525546440) was named one of the best indie books of 2021 by the Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group.