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Thintri SRW Report

Thintri Announces Market Study, Market Opportunities in Short Range Wireless

eNewsChannels NEWS: (NEW YORK, N.Y.) -- According to a new study by Thintri, Inc., an array of short range wireless (SRW) technologies is about to remake a range of markets with inexpensive, easy to use products available to nearly every consumer or business. The report, "Market Opportunities in Short Range Wireless," explores short range wireless technologies and the markets they address.

Report: 'Opportunities in Broadband Leasing' from Thintri, Inc. presents an analysis of telecom opportunities, and a survey of the imminent bandwidth...

NEW YORK, N.Y. /eNewsChannels/ -- According to a new report from Thintri, Inc., scarcity of wireless bandwidth is creating extraordinary opportunities in bandwidth leasing, particularly in wireless systems. The global telecommunications industry faces an imminent crisis in growth of mobile data traffic, and its inability to meet growing demand with the industry's present (and planned) infrastructure.