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Dead of Winter

The Dead of Winter: Mediums at Large Paranormal Ghost Hunt Comes to Chicago

eNewsChannels NEWS: (CHICAGO, Ill.) -- A host of famous mediums, psychics, ghost hunters, authors and more will gather January 28, 2017 for Chicago Hauntings' annual "Dead of Winter" paranormal seminar at the Plum Tree National Golf Resort in Woodstock, Illinois. Guest star, Chris Fleming of the Travel Channel's smash hit, "Ghost Adventures."

Secret Sex – A Book Alive Online: Chapter 43 – The Others

eNewsChannels BOOK SERIAL: "Secret Sex, A Book Alive Online," written and lived by John Scott G: Chapter 43 - "The Others." There are things that...

Psychic Spies on YouTube – Operation Blue Light, a Memoir

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- It took Philip Chabot 40 years to tell his story, and it's now available on YouTube through philipchabot.com. Chabot was an...