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Tag: Undetectable AI

New tool from Undetectable AI types out AI text in Google Docs like a human

eNewsChannels NEWS: -- A new Google Chrome extension is now available that allows users to simulate typing in Google Docs. The purpose is to allow users to realistically replicate the action of live typing in Google documents. According to Undetectable AI CEO Christian Perry, "The goal of the tool is to ensure pasted content retains the appearance of being manually typed."

New Undetectable AI app v3 lets you bypass AI detection systems using artificial intelligence

eNewsChannels NEWS: -- Undetectable AI, an innovative new artificial intelligence (AI) tool, enables users to easily create human-like AI-generated content that can bypass common AI detectors like Turnitin and Originality, GPTzero, and more. This new AI detection bypassing tool is allowed to be used for any ethical purpose.