LAS CRUCES, N.M. — ROK Southwest, Inc. has recently launched two new web sites to provide free information and resources to business unit managers and business communicators. focuses on business unit management, project management, business unit IT issues, and the communication of business information. continues and extends the theme of business communication, with a more technical emphasis on writing and communicating business process knowledge, especially policies and procedures.

Both of these sites contain useful information written by the principals of ROK Southwest, Inc. and feature frequently updated blogs.

Both are “community” sites designed for business managers and communicators to participate in discussions concerning the challenges they face in management and technical communication. Community participation leads to opportunities for problem solving and professional improvement.

The site owners have committed to continued research and will add content to these sites based on feedback from the community.

ROK Southwest, Inc. is a professional services company specializing in assisting its clients to publish their business process knowledge (policies and procedures) as “On-Demand Business Experts,” a simple, extremely effective, low-cost, and innovative approach based on Microsoft Word and “help systems.”

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