We spend our entire lives looking for ways to get what we want and to feel good. The fact of the matter is that it’s actually pretty simple. Here we have two choices in life: living a love-based life or living a fear-based life. Many feelings encompass these two areas. The first is anything that brings pleasure: peace, joy, acceptance, and those things that feel good.

Then there is anything that brings pain: sadness, disgust, anger and fear. Of course there are many blends within feeling states, but we won’t be looking at blends.

Shirley Ryan - Working TogetherMost of us vacillate between these two complex areas, bouncing back and forth like the proverbial yo-yo. In the beginning, feeling good is at the core of all we do, just look at any infant. Infants are easy; they know how to do it without any coaching. They have no problem wanting to feel good: be fed, dry, warm and loved. It is instinctual and they are fully connected to the Source of all things. We know that by watching them because they are full of joy. That is the core of our being. Our natural state is pure joy, pure love and pure peace. You know it’s true. Look at anyone who has recently fallen madly in love. We have boundless energy, a bounce in our step and life is wonderful. Then we grow up or fall out of love. Either way we make subtle movements from our center core.

As we age, we begin to make a shift in what we are looking for, and somewhere along the way we get stuck. We start listening to the voices around us from our school, families, society in general, and move away from the joy of living, away from our true purpose in life. During the socialization process we learn how to be in the world, and sometimes lose how to be our best self. We listen to what makes the best sense from a data perspective. We listen to Gallop poles that tell us how to think, who to vote for, when to sell our house, where to send our kids to school and what they should study.

Being the best that we can be used to have something to do with values and character. As we reach out for the best that we can be today we find: how to make the most money, be a size 2, get into the best colleges, and everything in between. Not that there is something wrong with living abundantly, but somehow it gets skewed as we forget how to live our life for ourselves. We are wonderful people that no longer know who we are and can’t figure out where we are going.

Social influences through the media push us toward someone else’s idea of being, leading us to hot jobs, fast cars and sleek exteriors. We work in jobs that do not bring us pleasure, nor to our highest sense of self. We never question ourselves to see if we are going down the right path. How do we get back on the road to self? This is the road to loving ourselves, and loving each other. The only way to really know what we need is to look within us. Look inside for your answers. Ask, give some time for energy to move, and then be willing to receive. Receiving is a core issue with a lot of folks. They cancel things out with doubt about their worthiness or about the process. Either way we put our best future on hold.

That said I am not suggesting that we dump the socialization process. It is an important part of our growth cycle to evolve in this way. I am suggesting that we not get stuck on a perpetual treadmill that moves nowhere. We live our lives doing things the same way, and expecting a different outcome. So do something different to get a different response. Make a life shift, a strategic shift that keeps you moving towards goals that fit who you really are and you will find true joy in living.

Make the goal to keep energy lifted to its highest state of consciousness. This keeps the flow of energy in and around us moving. Quantum physics tells us that everything around us is energy: we are energy, our things, plant life, our homes, our work, even money. This is the law of physics. So to keep life full, rich and coming to us, we need to reframe our thinking about what we see. This is not making mindless affirmations. We are reframing our internal dialogue to work for us. We are sending messages to ourselves with a true sense of joy attached somewhat like a mantra. This reframe of our thinking actually works with us to move us in the right direction. As we shift the light and energy within, we also change how we think about things.

Light Shifting is a process of moving from a position of fear and control to trusting the intuitive part of the self to return the ego to its highest state of consciousness. We can get there through meditation, reframing our thinking, acts of love, or within the memory of love and music. During these processes we make better decisions, experience greater states of health, are more in touch with synchronistic events, are more focused, and shine from the inside out. Light Shifting increases the frequency of one’s energy, vibrating higher and higher to its purest state of light and love.

The beginning of this shift is to start the process of teasing out what no longer works. This is literally a process of unlearning. Ask some questions of yourself to look at where you have been and how you have evolved. Who are you today? How do you feel when you look in the mirror? The most wonderful people in the world have helped you get to where you are now, and that is a good thing. There are no accidents in life. Where you are today is purposeful. Now it is time to take a look at what you have learned and grow past it. The learning that has helped you to become the special person you are was sound at the time, but is it fitting for who you are today?

The process of Light Shifting is putting oneself into a state mind that is filled with the best that we can offer ourselves and everyone we meet. As we elevate ourselves and the flow around us, we know what to do and where to go. Our lives are filled with everything we want before we ask. We feel good, healthy and energized. When we live at this level, life flows easily and effortlessly and we see things clearly. Meditation can make these occurrences come more naturally and more frequently into our awareness. You have the power to live at this level…take your power! See more of the possibilities in life! Why not you? Why not now? If not now, when?

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