COSTA MESA, Calif. — Wholesale network infrastructure provider BandCon announced today that it has expanded its service offerings by deploying backbone routers into the majority of Equinix Internet Business Exchange(TM) (IBX) centers in North America. The Investment boosts content provider peering options.

The deployment enhances connectivity and peering options for BandCon customers by leveraging the substantial geographic reach of Equinix facilities. Collocating in Equinix core hub locations enables BandCon customers to capitalize on the resident network diversity to quickly and easily take advantage of peering opportunities that minimize costs and increase service reliability. Each IBX provides access to more than 200 network providers, including all of the top global Tier 1 networks.

“Geographic and network diversity are the foundation for building an efficient peering model,” said Todd Braning, Vice President of Network Services for BandCon. “Deploying into Equinix facilities increases access options for BandCon’s customers, increasing the flexibility which is at the heart of our signature Content Delivery System.”

The investment creates a direct link from the BandCon backbone to the IBX hubs in order to provide the Internet’s most bandwidth-demanding customers with the greatest number of options for peering. With the deployment, BandCon customers can now directly access the providers that serve over 90 percent of the world’s Internet networks.

About Equinix
Equinix is the leading global provider of network-neutral data centers and Internet exchange services for enterprises, content companies, systems integrators and network services providers. Through the company’s Internet Business Exchange(TM) (IBX(R)) centers in 10 markets in the U.S. and Asia, customers can directly interconnect with every major global network and ISP for their critical peering, transit and traffic exchange requirements.

These interconnection points facilitate the highest performance and growth of the Internet by serving as neutral and open marketplaces for Internet infrastructure services, allowing customers to expand their businesses while reducing costs.

BandCon California About BandCon
BandCon is the content delivery network provider for large Internet-based content owners. The firm specializes in developing custom network solutions for IP transit, transport, content delivery networking (CDN), peering, collocation/power, and managed services that are unmatched in terms of flexibility and scalability. BandCon’s 10 Gbps backbone provides rich content delivery capability throughout North America.

The firm’s signature Content Delivery System enables BandCon to deliver a full suite of services to customers at any stage of the growth cycle, from startup through maturity. Customers include MySpace, Internap, Revver, Vonage, Nine Systems and Skype. The company’s Web address is .

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