craft beersMILWAUKEE, Wis. /eNewsChannels/ — In celebration of winter and the festive winter holidays, Big Bay Brewing Co.(R) has introduced its newest craft beer, Portside(TM). The porter style beer is the third limited edition brew to be introduced by the Shorewood, Wisconsin-based craft brewer.

“Porters are a good fit for long, cold winters like the ones we have in Wisconsin. While all of our beers are meant to be enjoyed year-round, we wanted to offer a distinctive, hearty beer that’s well-suited for the coldest months,” said Jeff Garwood, Big Bay Brewing Co. co-founder and managing partner. “Portside is a perfect complement to winter festivities – whether it’s a holiday gathering with family and friends, a ski weekend up north, or a relaxing evening by the fire,” added Garwood.

Porters, known for their dark color and slight sweetness, originated in 18th Century London when it was common to experiment with combinations of various beer styles. According to legend, a particular combination became popular with the porters around Victoria Station who began drinking it as a lunchtime meal. A local brewer took notice and began brewing and distributing that specific combination (*NOTE: 1).

Like its British ancestors, Big Bay Brewing’s Portside features an aromatic malt flavor with hints of chocolate, toffee and coffee, and a deep brown color. It’s a well-balanced, drinkable brown porter for those who appreciate the carefully crafted combination of sweet roasted malt notes and East Kent Golding hops.

The introduction of Portside Porter marks Big Bay Brewing Co.’s third limited edition brew. It will be available through the winter. Previously, the company introduced Long Weekend(TM) IPA and Summer Tide, a wheat beer, as limited edition beers.

“We know that craft beer drinkers actively seek out new flavor profiles and our limited edition beers allow us to meet the needs of craft beer consumers with various beer styles throughout the year. Our distinctive Portside brown porter is a great addition to our Big Bay Brewing family for craft beer drinkers looking for a bit maltier beer during winter,” said Garwood.

Last winter, Big Bay Brewing rolled out Portside draft on a limited test basis. Due to the strong favorable response, the company is now introducing it to beer drinkers across Wisconsin. Portside is available in select retailers (primarily liquor stores and supermarkets), bars and restaurants across Wisconsin. It is also available for sampling, along with other Big Bay Brewing beers, at the Big Bay Brewing Co.’s Tasting Room and Retail Center, 4517 N. Oakland Ave. in Shorewood, Wis.

Developed from unique and exclusive recipes that feature proprietary yeast and the highest quality ingredients, Big Bay Brewing beers offer the distinctiveness of Wisconsin’s microbrews with a clean finish. They’re brewed slowly and methodically resulting in a well-balanced, robust, drinking experience. The company has relationships with multiple brewing partners.

Big Bay Brewing’s Portside, Boatilla Amber Ale(R), Long Weekend IPA and award-winning Wavehopper Kölsch Style Ale(R) are available at select retailers, bars and restaurants across Wisconsin. They are sold at retail in six-packs of 12-oz. bottles, as well as in draft form in 1/4 barrel slim kegs and 1/2 barrels. Big Bay products are sold by local distributors across Wisconsin, including Beer Capitol Distributing Inc., Frank Beer Distributors Inc., CJW Inc. and Kay Beer Distributing.

About Big Bay Brewing Co.:

Based in Shorewood, Wis., Big Bay Brewing Co. produces specialty hand-crafted beers. Big Bay is built with the vision that life on the water is a little sweeter, and that sweet life is infused in every Big Bay Brewing Co. beverage. Big Bay Brewing’s founders believe that craft brewed beverages and life on the water go hand-in-hand. Life on the water means creating moments that turn into memories to be cherished for a lifetime. And, what better way to enhance those moments than with the right beverage. For more information, visit . Follow us on Facebook and on Twitter at .

*(NOTE: 1.

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