LOS ANGELES, Calif. — CADFORCE, the Los Angeles-based global leader in outsourced architectural services, today announced that it has added three new people to its management team. They are Paul Fielding, Ph.D., Chief Operating Officer; Jeffrey Matzek, AIA, Vice President of Quality; and Catrina Gregory, Vice President of Client Care.

“I’m proud to serve with such a strong and experienced team,” said Bob Vanech, Chief Executive Officer of CADFORCE. “I have no doubt that we have chosen the best and brightest to lead the company into the future.”

CadforceVanech is a seasoned entrepreneur with a significant venture capital and business incubation background. He also has a proven track record of starting and building successful companies, as he founded and served as the President of Eureka Broadband Corporation – now known as InfoHighway Networks – a profitable telecommunications company with $110 million in annual revenues. Prior to Eureka, he was a partner at ETF Group, a $250 million Swiss technology venture fund.

“Working for CADFORCE is a great opportunity for me to apply my expertise in offshoring to architecture,” said Dr. Fielding. “We are clearly right on the cusp of a trend here, because within the next three years, 50% of residential and commercial construction in the US will contain some type of offshore production element.”

Dr. Fielding is an accomplished expert in global sourcing, organization and technology integration, business process analysis and project management. He was most recently the Director of Offshoring, Outsourcing and Business Transformations for Booz Allen Hamilton, where he created multinational and offshore initiatives for large corporate clients. Dr. Fielding’s tenure at Booz Allen Hamilton was built on the skills he gained during his eight years as Vice President of Application Development and Offshore Initiatives for JPMorganChase.

Dr. Fielding spearheaded the development of the patent for the inter-bank Check Image Exchange at Chase, which is used by every major financial institution today. His most noteworthy accomplishment came as Manager of Product Realization Process for AT&T Bell Labs, where he led the development and manufacturing process for power supply systems, resulting in his team receiving the prestigious Deming Quality Award.

“I have great confidence in Dr. Fielding building our operations team in the US and abroad,” said Vanech. “His unparalleled knowledge of corporate growth, offshoring and quality control will be an asset to CADFORCE. Our hiring an executive of Paul’s quality indicates our seriousness about taking our company to the next level – and that we are scaling for something big.”

Rounding out the new management team at CADFORCE are Jeffrey Matzek, AIA and Catrina Gregory. Matzek is a licensed architect with 25 years of successful production experience. He established and managed his own architecture practice, Jeffrey A. Matzek and Associates, Inc. for 14 years, delivering approximately 500 projects and grossing over $10 million in architectural fees.

“I’m ready to apply my knowledge of architecture and production to make sure that CADFORCE delivers a quality product to each and every one of our clients,” said Matzek. “I’m ready to roll my sleeves up and get the job done.”

Gregory was a former Principal at SFA Design, a Santa Barbara-based interior design firm, where she managed the day-to-day operations of the company’s Beverly Hills studio. As Vice President of Client Care, she brings 15 years of customer service expertise to CADFORCE, along with hands-on experience in business development, branding and marketing.

“I’m looking forward to expanding CADFORCE’s portfolio by implementing the company’s doctrine of radical client care,” said Gregory. “It’s always exciting to be able to build a business, and CADFORCE is poised to continue to lead this brand-new, multi-billion dollar market.”

CADFORCE is the global leader in outsourced architectural services. CADFORCE uses a unique, client-driven blendshore project delivery approach, with drafting facilities in India collaborating with a US-based architectural team. Now in its fourth year of operation, CADFORCE provides exceptional construction document production and cutting-edge CAD and BIM support services for architects and homebuilders nationwide. In an industry known for razor-thin margins, CADFORCE saves architects and homebuilders as much as 75% of their production costs on construction documents and other CAD work.

CADFORCE has over 350 customers in over 30 states, including the majority of publicly-traded homebuilders and architects of all sizes. CADFORCE specializes in production of construction documents in Autodesk’s (NYSE: ADSK) family of CAD software including Architectural Desktop, AutoCAD and Revit, and also supports other software platforms.

In addition to its headquarters in Los Angeles and three facilities in India, CADFORCE operates regional sales offices in New York; Chicago; Boston; Portland; San Francisco; Miami; Denver; Atlanta; Dallas; Houston; Washington, DC; Wisconsin and Virginia. CADFORCE expects to continue growing its national presence and expanding its offshore facilities within the next year.

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