SPOKANE, Wash. — At all levels of education, students with learning disabilities are not only affected by the consequences of high-stakes testing, but also daily work book and lesson plan preparation.

Standardized testing has become the centerpiece of “accountability” in K-12 public education. Institutions of higher education similarly rely on national exams, such as the ACT, SAT, MCAT and LSAT, as a significant key for admittance. As these trends continue, students with learning disabilities must overcome the barriers of daily work and the ensuing tests to achieve academic success.

Colligo seeks to ensure that students with learning disabilities have an equal opportunity to demonstrate their substantive knowledge when subjected to these tests.

Now, Accessibility.

Students with learning disabilities, after minor keyboard instruction, can access and use the same printed materials as the general school population.

Colligo supplies the equipment or service converting the material for accessibility.

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