AUSTIN, Texas — deverus, Inc. today unveiled its newest ziptuit software version, enterpriseMX, the most complete software solution specifically addressing the dynamic needs of the background check industry. enterpriseMX is deverus’ most significant new software version release in over 7 years. MX is the result of deep industry insight, technology expertise, and proven ability to execute and innovate.

It will take background check companies’ services to the next level, allowing them to outpace the competition by offering unique and valuable services while increasing profits.

“Background check companies have needed something new in terms of technology to meet the demands of an increasingly more sophisticated marketplace,” said Shawn Rucks, CEO of deverus, Inc. “With the arrival of enterpriseMX, they have it. MX is broad in capability, is the most advanced in integrations, more robust in recruitment features, and overall more powerful yet easier to use than anything in the market. We’ve substantially raised the bar.”

Among the broad capabilities are I9 compliance, integration toolkits, a nation-wide instant super search, multiple drug screening vendors, skins to re-brand the client interface, and an abundance of must-have operational efficiency and customer service features. These breakthrough components will become the industry standard.

To appeal to the broadest audience, deverus is offering MX in a variety of suites to address a diverse range of needs. Whether a small company or a larger screening business, MX has a package to help background check companies leverage the power of new technology to satisfy clients and increase profits. The new packages are as follows:

MX Advance
This milestone offering helps screening businesses by equipping them with the tools to compete and win against the biggest screening firms, while enhancing the advantages that have made the business successful to date. From client integrations, to new services lines, to interface “skins,” to enhanced ordering tools, to clearer reporting, to operations tools – MX Advance packs a serious punch and is guaranteed to shake up the industry.
* Integrate easily with your client’s third party systems
* Expand your service line to meet your customers’ and prospects’ needs
* Power partnerships, affiliates, and target markets with re-branding “skins”
* Provide easier to read reports that give a clearer view of the applicant
* Reduce time and effort spent on processing research

MX Standard
MX Standard contains the enhanced capabilities that a growing screening business needs to propel its growth in the market. MX Standard sets a new level of service with a slew of integrated services – many focused on new search types – plus enhanced ordering tools, enhanced pricing tools, operation tools, and more. MX Standard raises the bar for companies in the background check business.
* Integrate with new data providers to offer new services and reduce processing costs
* Offer direct ordering from websites without the need to create accounts
* Get paid accurately and faster for services
* Automatically compensate sales team for business won

MX Elements
With enhanced ordering tools, new integrations, advanced pricing tools, and more – the screening business can prepare for strong growth while further streamlining operations and saving costs. MX Elements allows you to build on what is working.
* Save time and money with pre-integrated researchers
* Safeguard profits with better fee tracking and management
* Reduce risk with friendly yet firm reminders for customers regarding outstanding bills
* Help clients by offering more robust security roles

About deverus
Founded in 1998, deverus is the leading provider of software, integration technology, and strategic services for the background check industry. From system-to-system integration, customized and off the shelf enterprise level applications, to sophisticated tools that manage the information supply chain, deverus enables background check companies to dramatically lower operating expenses and increase revenues by connecting to customers, employees, and information sources online, anytime, from anywhere.


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