From the standpoint of wishing well to others, we have come a long way baby. In the 80’s we were rather casual as we suggested that people have a “great” day, and in the 90’s we were admonishing them to have an “attitude of gratitude.”

Today we say many things to promote peace and good will to each other in the course of our daily lives. Salutations, greetings and closings have taken on new meaning as we move from jet setting competition, to a spirit based collaboration that’s welcoming.

We see it in business as people rush through hasty jobs in a frenzied e-mail closing such as cheers, be well, or some such phrase. In the more New Age communities we might hear something like have a blessed day, blessed journey, peace and light to you.

Shirley Ryan - Working TogetherThe good news is that we are all on some level moving toward each other. We are reaching out to project ourselves to each other in more positive ways. This puts me in mind of an old Jewish Proverb, “Smile and the heart will follow.” That is, if we start with good will even if we don’t mean it, we will eventually feel the emotions behind the words. Why is this important you ask?

Simply put, greetings become a mantra of mindfulness meditation. These messages reverberate in our soul in an ancient, collective dance played out in real time. Another way of acting out who we are with each other. As we get deeper into this perspective we see a reflection of ourselves in that other person. The more emotion behind the recognition, the more we know that this person truly reflects who we are, at least who we were at one time. The more positive the emotions, the more we like or love this person. The more negative the emotions, the more we reject the person in the mirror, this manifestation of ourselves.

As we get to know ourselves, we are more able to allow this part of ourselves into our lives and into our awareness. For within this mirror image, this reflection is a call to recognize ourselves, a call to recognize the depths of our being. That recognition can tell us who we have been in the past. At that point of recognition we are moved, and become reborn anew. We let go of the past.

So how does that relate to being truly happy for each others success? Rejoicing like greetings are a call to your mirror. If what we want for others is anything other than what we want for ourselves, then we do well to recognize the intention. Because we generate this intention for ourselves as well, like a boomerang the message comes back to kick us in the place where we live. What we think returns to us. What we give out we get back. Give a little and we only get a little. If we are secretly stingy with how we feel about another’s success, it comes back to haunt us. Give a lot and see it all come back.

Gandhi once said that “happiness is harmony between what you feel, what you say and what you do.” I think I’ll add that happiness is a pure intention of love that is projected to all you meet. Love is the answer to every question. Again, the boomerang comes full circle.

At the moment we rejoice for others, we rejoice in our own success. Create an intention or send a heart felt message for another’s success and the Universe interprets this for us. There are no distinctions made between our wants for others and our wants for ourselves, because we are one in our humanity. There is enough for everyone, the Universe is infinite and we are the children of infinity.

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