DALLAS, Texas — GEEP International, one of North America’s leading electronics recyclers, has chosen EBAN 2.0 for Mass Drive Wiping as their volume data overwriting utility. The deal is one of the largest licensing agreements yet for the developers of EBAN, Techway Services (, and is expected to cover 400,000 hard-drives over the life of the agreement.

According to Rick Lewis, VP of Techway Services, licensing to GEEP International signals a new marketing direction for the company. In the past, EBAN was sold mainly to major corporations for internal deployment. Now, Techway Services is looking at reverse logistics operations, computer re-marketers, and electronics recyclers as potential clients for EBAN.

The change comes as major corporations outsource more and more of their data destruction duties. Companies seek service providers who will issue third-party verifications of destruction and indemnify their clients against data breaches. These service providers are increasingly computer recycling and re-marketing operations.

EBAN 2.0 “We still expect to sell a lot of licenses directly to Fortune 1000 companies, but increasingly our customers will be computer recyclers. Given their drive volumes, they immediately understand the value proposition that EBAN represents,” says Lewis.

About EBAN
EBAN is a Department of Defense compliant mass hard-drive overwriting utility designed for computer recyclers and Global 2000 companies with large-scale electronic data destruction needs.

Using the LAN port of the target computers, EBAN can simultaneously overwrite hard-drives on dozens of computers, automatically confirm the wipe against the hard-drive serial number, and then tie the wipe confirmation to a complete hardware manifest pulled from the target computer’s bios. This creates a complete record of data destruction to help client companies with legal compliance issues such as SOX and HIPAA.

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About Techway Services
Techway Services, Inc. ( is a leader in electronic data destruction software, and a nationally recognized provider of end-of-life (EOL) IT services for corporations, government entities, universities, and channel partners. Techway Services provides a full range of EOL services that include reverse logistics, computer remarketing, computer recycling, and electronic data destruction solutions.

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