Puerto Vallarta Bay Turquois

People are buzzing how Puerto Vallarta’s Banderas Bay is a splendid turquoise, especially on sunny cloudless calm days. “This is the most turquoise I have seen in the bay in 15 years,” said iconic fisherman Phil Kerr. Could it be from the unprecedented friendly luminescent blue jellyfish that came here and ate up toxins following our Azteca-Cherokee-led oceandance at Los Muertos Pier on December 12? It was in gratitude for humanity’s Paris Climate victory, and to heal our oceans after 337 Whales died in Chile. Given these photos and science below, you decide.

The oceandance was led by Aztec Itzcax Yolotl with his Danza Aramara, and Kerr, a Cherokee, with our expressed INTENT “to direct those high vibed Paris energies along with tsunamis of love from 12 days of Mexico’s pilgrimages/parades honoring our Lady of Guadeloupe, toward healing and transforming our Fukushima-ed oceans and bay back to turquoise.”

(PHOTO CAPTION: Cover image above – Photo courtesy of Vallarta Saludable A en P. Notice how on sunny tranquil days, Banderas Bay is more turquoise than it has been in 15 years following luminescent blue jellyfish coming here and eating up toxins in our bay.)

See more details of our Tribes of Americas Oceandancein Mexico in Gratitude for …Paris. I got choked up saying that we wanted to ensure that each of those 337 Chilean whales who gave their lives could in fact bring critical attention to our endangered oceans left out of the Paris solution!

Since then there has been a “West Coast Fisheries Disaster.”, so this turquoise phenomena oceandance solution is Good News for the World’s youth, Tourism and Fishing Industries, health, and answer to Mexican President Pena-Nieto’s prayers to clean up Mexico’s ports.

Hearing about it, PV’s Tourism leader, Norma Furlong, President of TUKARI Destination Management Company and former President for ADAPTUR, The Association of DMC´s and Tourism Services, got excited and is sending this story around the world.

jellyfish or Medusas
(Photo Caption: Photo courtesy of Peter dinh McGinnis. (L) Beautiful friendly jellyfish or Medusas, that kids were happily collecting on Vallarta’s Los Arcos and Camaron Beaches. (R) See how they also color water.


Our oceandance culminated with the Aramara Dancers, Kerr (center), myself and Itzcax sharing an emotional moment as we made offerings of fruit and flowers at the end of the pier to our Mother Earth, Mother Ocean, Neptune and other spirit helpers and whales.

Later we saw photos of our offering by Carlos VonHauske, my co-founder of the sponsoring Vallarta Saludable A en P (Healthy Vallarta), that we were blessed by mystical ORBS.

I asked Olivia Ellis PhD, my Cherokee advisor of our Native American Olympic Team Foundation (umbrella for VS), what exactly are Orbs? She said these orbs are our spirit helpers we called in, including Nature spirits, some call “cosmic engineers,” exemplified by unprecedented jellyfish coming here. (Olivia and Valerie Nunez (Apache), who suggested this oceandance, also played a key role in How Amazing Grace Spared Puerto Vallarta from Patricia’s Wrath.)

Physicist Dr. Servando further confirmed the authenticity of these orbs through this leading science with military night vision goggles. Orbs seen in real time – clip from ECETI RANCH: a Documentary.

Many little children and seers see these orbs also in body form. In 2000, pristine New Zealand issued a stamp honoring these angels of nature/tiny devas/fairies of the forests and mountain tops, known to their Maori as the Patupaiarehe.

Because these Nature spirits also direct the snow clouds in the Native American-led snowdances, praised by a Nobel Prize winner and the UN Sustainability officer for saving U.S. ski areas from droughts for 55 years, we hosted an Aspen party honoring them and dressing up as devas. See them in Devas, Nature Spirits and Angels – Soul Guidance.

Walt Disney was first to produce magnificent movies of Nature spirits like “Finding Neverland.” In 2014, Powder magazine uncovered that he pioneered asking the tribes to lead a snowdance that saved the 1960 Squaw Valley Olympics from a catastrophic drought. Angelina Jolie played a stunning powerful Nature spirit in Disney’s “Malificent,” befitting her Native American heritage.

Most fans now know some of the “Star Wars” ETs are not fictional. Here is an example of a (real) galactic spirit helper, which two renowned scientists gave me. Notice that these tall (feathered) Blue Avians from the 9th Dimension ( )look remarkably similar to the New Zealand stamp, and are blue like the jellyfish. Local British healer Gayle Weatherly, who prayed in solidarity with us in La Cruz on the south end of the bay, said aqua blue is the color of the Christ Consciousness.

We skiers learned from the Elders that when we sincerely thank Mother Earth and Her Nature spirits when it snows, it inspires them to bless us even more. The same for our turquoise waters.

The key to receiving oceandance or snowdance blessings is your sincerity and joyous emotion based on community needs not profit. It can simply be when just two or more are gathered, even by phone. Here is a slice of “heaven on earth” at an interfaith Indigenous-led oceandance in Oaxaca, Mexico.

I first noticed this turquoise phenomena on January 26 around noon, when I was having a Pollo Feliz (anti-biotic & hormone-free) picnic on Playa Cameron. I thought, “Wow what a spectacular (blue sky) day.” Then I noticed the clear turquoise water, which I had never seen in Vallarta. One needs to drive 6 miles south to Los Arcos Bay. I asked Pablo LoPez, Barracuda restaurant’s Argentine bartender-surfer, and others on the beach if the water looked different to them, and they mentioned the rare color. They happily joined me in giving gratitude prayer.

When I asked Dr Servando if he noticed our more turquoise bay, he excitedly said, “yes. And I first saw this phenomena in Cellulite, a fishing-surfing village an hour north. One day the water was dark blue, and the next time clear turquoise.”


He discovered that Cellulite’s water had a lot of jellyfish/medusas the “size of a speck of ground pepper. They are translucent blue, don’t sting you, and feed on toxins, so are purifying our bay!” Their cleaning the water also revitalizes the plankton to more effectively transform the carbon in the water to oxygen (whereas oil spills kill them both). The implications are astounding since oceanographers say the plankton is the biggest transformer of carbon to oxygen – more than rainforests! So these jellyfish are superfriends of the youth!

When I told Kerr, who is also an iconic fisherman about this turquoise phenomena, he was thrilled and grateful and said he would love to talk with the biologist or whoever told Dr. Servando about this.

The doc said a salty Cellulite fisherman explained that these “jellyfish normally live deep in Mexico’s colder northern ocean waters and the furthest down they have come in his 70 years was to Mazatlan and the north end of Cellulite.” He always watched for them since it was a sign that there were shrimp in Sinaloa.


Dr. Servando told me, “I filled up a bottle that turned the water bluish and put it under a microscope (at the University of Guadalajara where they proved his Time-Affect technology), and saw countless jellyfish. When I greatly magnified one it was a round shape with shiny metallicy blue, green, gold and a little red in the center that make it a shimmering turquoise.”

He reminded me that the amazing photo he showed me a few months ago, was of this microscopic jellyfish! I said, “Oh my God, so there is real science behind this”. Then I saw on Google that a Nobel Prize winner found some properties in bigger jellyfish restored memory to Alzheimers victims.

So I asked Dr Servando, “If our Whale Protection Ceremony last February attracted a pod of 10 whales and their babies that were 20 miles north, and frolicked at Los Muertos Pier an unprecedented three days, then is it plausible that the orbs at our Dec 12 oceandance called in these jellyfish from long distances to Vallarta to help us? And he said, “Absolutely.”


Yet not having a microscope for proof that Vallarta had jellyfish turning our waters turquoise, I again checked out the waters on Playa Los Arcos near Los Muertos Pier on February 13. To my shock and awe I saw kids and adults collecting something on the beach and exclaiming, “Wow, they are so beautiful.” Some were also photographing these half an inch in diameter turquoise jellyfish. It was surrealistic. Not having a cell phone, a cool tattooed Vietnamese, Peter McGinnis, gladly showed me his photos, and sent me the above one.

I asked the lifeguard named Sebastian if he had ever seen these jellyfish that he called a name that sounded like “Ballenas,” Spanish for “whales,” he said “never.” Or if he had ever seen the water so clear turquoise, he confirmed, “No.”

When I went swimming, it looked underwater like a turquoise-green pool. When I saw a blue medusa I put my finger under one, and like Cellulite’s it did not sting, just ate toxins! I then floated on my back and gave tsunamis of love and appreciation for giving us this possible solution for all our oceans.

Back on the beach when I was afraid that someone would knock over my bottle of precious jellyfish one of the boys graciously gave me, since Dr. Servando suggested I test them overnight, I put the cap on and within about 5 minutes, the clear water turned intense turquoise (like inky squid?), when they died, like the water of Dr. Servando’s Cellulite ones. (I said a gratitude prayer for giving their lives and gifts so we could bring their critical message to humanity.) I then photographed a before and after of the water colors. In seeing my photos of these larger jellyfish, Dr Servando said “they look very close….perhaps an older adult species of the Cellulite ones.”

What also cleared our bay was our oceandance giving “love and appreciation” to Mother Ocean, which tribal Elders say raises the vibration of water to purify it. This was proven by Japan’s Dr. Masuro Emoto in his ceremonies with communities around world clearing their contaminated waters, often partnered with tribes.
So I asked Dr Servando, a quantum energy physicist, if our INTENTION of directing tsunamis of love from Paris and the Guadeloupe pilgrimages toward Mother Ocean, could have contributed to our bay being clearer turquoise?” “Absolutely,” he said. The Azteca-Huichol shaman, Mexica, who led the last February’s 12 whale oceandance miracle agreed.


Why is this a critical blessing? The U.S. West coast is getting the brunt of Fukushima’s ongoing radiation leakage, which needs to be stopped NOW. During Paris, there was also an unprecedented die off of sea lions in California, and the internet just revealed a “Massive Animal Die Off/West Coast” (California to Alaska), especially sea birds, the indicators of the health of our oceans, and “unprecedented reproductive failures of species from starvation from less or NO fish in some places from Fukushima.”

Last month 11 whales beached themselves in Baja.

FORTUNATELY, Dr. Emoto chose Dr. Nemoto, a biologist, to further prove and continue his work. Coincidentally, this year Dr. Nemoto wants to “call on beings in higher dimensions to amplify their intentions to help reduce Fukushima’s radiation and all pollution on Earth.” Italy’s Reicki Schools want to do a collaborative event with Emoto’s team this May, to reduce the radiation.


This January, the people of Flint raised world attention about the importance of clean healthy water for the IQ’s of their children.

The Paris Miracle also raised awareness of the power of prayer, thanks so much to its powerful spiritual Invocation by the Shift/Subtle Activism/Gaiafield Networks partnered with the World’s Indigenous. Plus the world watched the light defeat the dark when Vallarta survived a 225 mph Patricia, the fiercest hurricane in history, thanks to universal prayer power including from batteries (proven by Stanford).

The Elders says these oceandances, like the snowdances, are bandaids – we must do our part. So we also need to step up recycling plastics after CNN revealed a NY study that they also end up in our food supply, and their toxic petrochemicals are related to infant diabetes!

Let us learn from these miracles and possible coming attractions of the devastation in the Northern Pacific that we can avoid by making PV and other ports, shining models of radiation-free turquoise oases.


Given these scientific breakthroughs and healthy plankton is critical to reducing world carbon, scientists and universities also need to further study while participating in this joyous oceandance solution, (like the University of Guadalajara leaders want to), to help streamline getting down to the critical 1.5°C. Testing is needed on how much these oceandances and jellyfish phenomena in PV and other ports may be reducing radiation in our waters.

Students can easily help make this happen thanks to (also heroic organizers of the World Climate Marches) inspiring universities and institutions around the world to shift the $3.4 trillion in Divestment funds from fossil and nuclear energy, (hopefully stopping Fukushima from leaking) to renewable investments. (My brother Kim who was captain of the winningest Harvard ski team, raised the funds for their divestment video that helped it ripple!) Just forward this science to your universities and institutions and ask them shift NOW, to please help restore our life-support systems, including our oceans by also investing a tiny fraction toward hosting these joyful oceandances that streamline renewing and reenergizing the life force in our oceans.

Hail to the UN and PV’s Business Association executive director Betty Miramontes for urging me to start these multi-cultural ocean ceremonies to help protect the whales last February, which resulted in international news: Mexico’s ‘UN Compassion Week’ Oceandance inspires Whale … Miracle!


Through Tourism, Hotel and Business Associations together hosting these oceandances at trendsetting hotels at ports around our bay and world at sunset, they can also enhance the healthy future of tourism. These Indigenous-led ceremonies that “feed the soul” made Tahiti the “Most Romantic Destination” on the Discovery Channel!

Dr. Emoto loved beautiful music so Japan just hosted an International Concert giving love and gratitude for “Peace and their Day of Ocean” with the great musicians in Tokyo. Ports like Vallarta could do more wonders by hosting a concert with some of the world’s great multi-cultural musicians singing love songs to Mother Earth and our oceans on our magnificent Malacon. IMAGINE: Earthrising in 2015 Through Love Songs …

Hope this inspires more to direct tsunamis of love from events like Valentine’s Day and the millions giving love to the joyful Nature-loving Pope Francis tour while visiting Mexico, toward healing our oceans. He said, “The planet has much to learn from indigenous groups, especially their harmony with nature amid the greatest environmental crises in world history.” So he said to those stealing and contaminating their lands and discriminating against them “to examine our conscience.” Pope Francis asks indigenous Mexicans for forgiveness ….

Now we know why the UN Sustainability officer, Marie Mercedes Sanchez (Nicaragua), intuitively urged our foundation to help magnificent Vallarta spread these joyful healing Indigenous-led multi-cultural oceandances globally. Empowered by these miracles, We the World can supply the missing ocean link to bringing in this beautiful New Dawn for all Creator’s children!

See more stories and thank you visionaries who have helped contribute to this progress tax free on


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