DENVER, Colo. — iMAX Business Solutions (, specializing in providing merchants with technologically sophisticated and secure payment gateways for all types of transaction processing, today announced the launch of their new Split Rate Program allowing businesses to process credit card transactions through any credit card terminal or credit card machine at the lowest rate possible.

“We have invested over one million dollars into our new Split Rate Program technology in order to attract and retain new long term customers, and offer new and improved features and benefits to our loyal client base,” said Scott Burke, President of iMAX Business Solutions. “Our Split Rate Program will benefit both large and small businesses and is now available for merchants throughout the United States.”

iMAX Business Solutions’ Split Rate technology automatically detects the type of card being presented and processes that card at the lower Split Rate of 1.29% for merchants who belong to the Program. Regular rates outside of the Split Rate Program range from 1.74% to as high as 3.49%.

“A business that currently does $10,000 per month in credit card sales would add $155.00 each and every month to their net profit with our Split Rate Program,” said Burke. “This is a clear and demonstrable benefit to our Split Rate Program Members, which is visible on the bottom line, each and every time a card is processed for payment through their credit card terminal or credit card machine.”

iMAX Business Solutions was founded in 2001, and is based in Denver, Colorado with offices in California and Florida. iMAX Business Solutions’ mission is to provide the best transaction processing services at the lowest cost to large and small businesses throughout the United States.

For more information about iMAX’s Split Rate Program please visit:

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