RECIFE, Brazil — D’Accord Music Software, the Brazilian leader in music software, announces an innovative software – iChords – that recognizes and presents chords from any MP3, WMA files or CDs. iChords was also recently nominated for the “Best Sound Program” at the 2007 Shareware Industry Awards (SIA) and is competing with three other software programs, including Winamp.

“We are proud of our SIA nomination,” Americo Amorim, D’Accord’s Executive Director said. “Since 1992, these awards honor and acknowledge the best software available.”

According to a group of computer music researchers, hearing a song and writing out chords is challenging enough for experienced musicians, so imagine how difficult it is for a computer? While difficult, they agreed it was not impossible. These researchers took the challenge, and after more than three years of research and development, created a software that identifies chords from any audio source.

iChords sound program D’Accord’s iChords is a musician’s dream come true. Chords be identified in any song without having to search for tablatures and sheet music.

Musicians also save time when transcribing “by ear.” iChords makes fast and harmonic transcriptions. The software is easy-to-use; after opening a song file it automatically processes and extracts the chords.

To surpass its competitors, iChords offers additional features beyond chord transcription:

    * iChord displays the chord being played at the moment as well as the next one;

    * For each chord, it presents fingering, notation or intervals;

    * Users can control the tempo according to their skills, playing slower or faster;

    * Four different guitar view modes are offered, including one for left-handed players;

    * Lrics can be added and chords can be transposed and printed together with chord diagrams; and

    * Chords can be exported to create a personal song library

D’Accord relies on experienced researchers, software engineers and musicians to work together to develop innovative products and services. Its products are among the most popular on several download sites such as and are used by millions of musicians in more than 60 countries.

This year’s SIA winners will be announced during the Software Industry Conference in July, 2007. For more information:

A trial version of iChords is available for download at: .

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