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NEWS: (SACRAMENTO, Calif.) Integrated Comfort, Inc. (ICI) has expanded. In June 2015, ICI moved from Vacaville, Calif. to a larger office and production facility in West Sacramento, Calif. ICI also opened a facility in Phoenix, Arizona to provide manufacturing and logistical support in one of our higher concentration areas for DualCool installations. Between July 2015 and January 2016, ICI completed the installation of DualCool(R) evaporative pre-coolers on 100 more Walmart and Sam’s Club stores.

Each of these stores now has DualCool equipment on six or more 10- to 20-ton rooftop HVAC units (RTUs) that supply dedicated fresh air into the stores. Installations were in Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada, and California. The 2015 program is the fourth major series of DualCool installations for Walmart.

The current campaign with Walmart takes DualCool efficiency, maintenance, and ease-of-use to a whole new level with monitoring and controls. For this program, ICI added remote monitoring and control technology with a web-based (dashboard) platform viewable from any browser, smartphone, or tablet. Remote monitoring outputs include fault detection, which can report general HVAC problems on DualCool-equipped RTUs before store conditions are affected.

Working with Transformative Wave, ICI customized an enhanced controls solution for Walmart. Equipment includes a microcontroller installed on each of the DualCool-enabled RTUs, as well as each Air Handling Unit (AHU), when present. One microcontroller per building functions as the Master Controller. This unit is located near the “global” outdoor air thermostat used to activate all DualCool units at an adjustable temperature setpoint. The Master Controller is the Wi-Fi communication hub between all DualCool controllers onsite.

In addition to managing the DualCool pump, these microcontrollers manage a number of interlocks between DualCool and key RTU components and can continuously adjust to supply outdoor air in the most efficient manner.

“Our eIQ platform controllers are a perfect fit for Integrated Comfort’s DualCool requirements to deliver significant energy savings to large retail stores,” states Justin Sipe, SVP of Technology for Transformative Wave. “We were very excited to partner with Integrated Comfort on their 2015 Walmart project, because we both have great products, which combined, provide a game-changing, user-friendly management dashboard affording huge cooling cost savings.”

This 2015 Walmart program also implements real-time performance reporting that uses monitored parameters to compute hour-by-hour DualCool benefits. Outputs include both demand reduction (kW reduced) and energy savings (kWh saved). By combining these savings reports with electric utility rate data, the new monitoring dashboard can continuously compute electricity cost savings to Walmart.

“ICI has been proud to provide Walmart with enterprise cooling efficiency solutions since 2011. Our 2015 campaign has been the most exciting to date, based on the introduction of real-time fault detection and energy savings analytics,” states Steve Short, Integrated Comfort’s General Manager. “This new platform exponentially increases our ability to support our customer, and demonstrate our value.”

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Integrated Comfort Inc. is a privately held California corporation that develops and markets energy-efficient cooling products and systems.

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Integrated Comfort, Inc., 840 Embarcadero Drive, #40, West Sacramento, CA 95605. 916-246-8864 (phone).

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