LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Somewhere in the middle of the FAQ page of Java Juice(R) liquid coffee extract website, there is a snarky reply to the question, “Why no Decaf Java Juice(R)?” Answer: “What’s the point?” Fans of Java Juice(R) immediately recognized the product’s quality and commitment to organic and fair-trade coffee practices, as well as its award-winning flavor. And along with great taste and dedication to sustainability, came a nice jolt of caffeine. Java Juice(R) contains 100 mg. of caffeine per packet or the equivalent of two shots of fresh espresso.

In addition to a being a machineless travel companion, Java Juice(R), with its caffeine punch is a proven friend when the party winds down. Just ask the more than 20,000 attendees at the 2007 SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas, where Java Juice(R) was a crucial part of the complimentary “Survival Kit” sanctioned by the festival organizers who were looking for the ultimate “hangover helper.” So as far as first-to-market company was concerned: What was the point? In addition, producing excellent organic decaf is pricey for the manufacturer who launched a mere sixteen months ago by Richard Karno L.A.’s hometown hero, founder and CEO of Groundwork Coffee Co.

liquid coffee extract flavorsStart with an overwhelming consumer demand for decaf and add in the significant percentage of American coffee drinkers who prefer flavored coffee. So product inventor, Karno, returned to the test kitchen to perfect a decaf recipe with a flavor profile that equaled the original. That finished, he developed flavored Java Juice(R) that also meets the organic and kosher criteria Java Juice(R) customers insist on. After taking six years to perfect the original recipe, Karno’s challenge was to create a delicious Decaf Java Juice(R), a far more complex process.

Karno’s complete line was unveiled at the 2007 Summer Outdoor Retails in Salt Lake City, Utah, when Java Juice(R) presented Decaf as well as a French Vanilla and Hazelnut flavored coffee extracts. Campers, who buy from all the outdoor giants such as REI, were delighted. Like the original Java Juice(R), the new line is organic and kosher. To update the FAQ page: “Yes, we have decaf, but personally we like the buzz.”

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