eNewsChannels: music appHONG KONG and NEW YORK /eNewsChannels/ — NEWS: With the introduction of KiwiG PhonTunes – the world’s first music transfer software for lifetime free launched by KiwiGeeker – limitless migration, backup, and management of music across devices and platforms (iOS/Android/iTunes/PC/External disk) is now a reality. iTunes music management is now history.

iTunes is an iOS device’s default software used to transfer files between PC and it’s definitely inconvenient by its one-way transfer (iTunes to iDevice) and difficult navigation. However, KiwiG PhonTunes now settles the problem: Whether iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, etc.), or Android device, or PC and – best yet – the external storage device (including USB or external HD) is entirely barrier-free for music migration. In some circumstances, it enhances the function of iTunes and replaces it by featuring with a multi-channel music transfer idea – now you can migrate music flow from anywhere back to iTunes.

The easy-to-use software displays all detected music libraries in an intuitive interface, allowing users to select and manage the pathways of music data flow between their devices in seconds. KiwiG PhonTunes also features playlist creation and management functions, duplicate file detection, and track information editing and transfer capabilities. Anyone can backup the smallest or largest music libraries with the click of a button, share music between friends on any PC, mobile device, or storage device, and easily organize any of their music playlists and libraries, hassle-free.

“Out with the old, in with the fresh. We offer our users the greatest music sharing and management independence ever seen, and, what’s more, we’re offering it for lifetime free,” says Beank Tong, the managing director of KiwiGeeker. “After MP3 and iPod period, how are people really listening and interacting with their music nowadays? Streaming, mobile listening, third party apps and social media, USB swapping and sharing-people want and are finding greater freedom with their music.”

Tong adds, “As users’ listening preferences veer towards those other more flexible solutions, iTunes already has one foot in the grave. Users begrudgingly continue to use iTunes because they’re forcefully cornered into required use for music transfer to and from some mobile devices and to access clunky library management functions from only their own computer. Not anymore. KiwiG PhonTunes is here to free our users. We’re here to make big changes.”

Driven by an authentic geek spirit, KiwiGeeker is offering music lovers independence and-finally-barrier-free control of their digital music environment.

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About KiwiGeeker:

KiwiGeeker software and solutions meet the needs of each user for any operating system and device. Our mission is to empower every user to freely handle complicated data cases, nurture a better understanding of the ins-and-outs of data management, and ultimately to enable any user to easily interact with their digital environments like data professionals.

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