CORNELIUS, N.C. — HearPod Hearing Aids ( president Randy Wohlers, BC-HIS, announced today the introduction of a new line of 32-channel hearing aids. Each of the new products matches the company’s current line of aids manufactured with four channels.

The key benefit of the 32-channel products is that they automatically adjust to optimize hearing in every environment. Wohlers says, “Our current four channel products can be adjusted for changing hearing environments-conversation, meetings, music, telephone-by simply touching the button on the aid. The 32-channel line does this automatically and has more sophisticated technology. It offers higher quality for more benefit.”

The four new aids follow the nomenclature of the current line:

* 4-channel HearPods
HearPod II
HearPod III
HearPod Directional Mic. Open Fitting
HearPod Micro

* 32-channel HearPods
HearPod II 32X
HearPod III 32X
HearPod Directional Mic. Open Fitting 32XD
HearPod Micro 32X

HearPod hearing aidThose knowledgeable about hearing aid technology may be familiar with the Voyageur(TM) platform that is the core of HearPod’s new 32-channel line. The aids are manufactured with ADRO(TM) technology from Dynamic Hearing.

ADRO(TM) is a high-end alternative to standard sound compression configurations used in most hearing aids. It ensures that sounds remain within the dynamic range of the listener by employing fuzzy logic and an automatic algorithm to optimize the hearing aid signal.

ADRO(TM) separates the audio signal into 32 independent channels (64 bands), providing customers with extremely clear and natural sound. It uses fuzzy logic rules to optimize the required sound at the output of the hearing aid without compromising the signal.

The HearPod Directional Mic Open Fitting 32XD comes with automatic directional microphones which continuously and automatically adjustment the microphone settings based on the environment.

Additional features for this and all other 32-channel models are:

    * Advanced feedback canceller, which provides increased maximum stable gain and features rapid adjustment for dynamic feedback situations.
    * Automatic feedback canceller
    * Noise management
    * 20-bit audio precision
    * 95dB input dynamic range with HRX(TM) Headroom Extension
    * Volume control with configurable adjustment range

All HearPods are one hundred percent digital, providing state-of-the-art technology for the highest quality sound and the longest life.

Since it’s founding in 2005, HearPod continues to revolutionize the hearing aid industry by offering high-quality low-cost hearing aids through its website

Wohlers explains that HearPod offers hearing aid shoppers a choice. He says, “It’s no longer the case that people are locked into paying thousands of dollars for a hearing aid at a retail store, or having to settle for a low quality aid over the Internet. HearPod offers the high quality people want, but at the low price they can afford.”

Wohlers adds that the company offers a level of customer service and quality that rivals most brick and mortar locations. HearPod offers a 24-hour customer care toll free number and an experienced team of hearing care experts to answer customer questions and make product recommendations.

HearPod customers receive a custom programmed hearing aid as they would from a retail store. HearPod customers are encouraged to see their physician before purchasing to ensure they need a hearing aid and to get an audiogram, which shows their individual degree of hearing loss. The audiogram values can be entered on the web order page, faxed toll free or emailed to HearPod so that the hearing aid can be programmed to correct for the individual’s unique hearing loss.

The company provides a 45-day one hundred percent money-back guarantee and a one year warranty that covers the cost of any repairs and includes a year’s worth of free batteries and wax guards for in-the-canal products. Extended warranties are also available. All HearPods are manufactured in the HearPod lab at 18636 Starcreek Drive, Suite E, Cornelius, North Carolina 28031 USA.

For more information on HearPod hearing aids, go to or call the company’s toll free customer care line 1-800-851-2414.

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