BREVARD, N.C. — Insulation Business Consultants announced today that the firm has developed a means of maintaining the thermal integrity of exterior walls, eliminating the voids in the insulation where electrical boxes (switch and receptacle boxes), create significant holes in the residential thermal envelope.

IBC invented the technology which incorporates insulating panels of Argon gas and an optional radiant barrier. IBC developed it while working on the development of a separate energy-saving technology relating to custom-formed batts for the Fibertek Corporation of Lakeland, Florida.

A University of North Dakota study in 2000 indicated that an average American home loses fifty dollars in heat energy each year through leakage of energy in and around electrical boxes. Since 2000, energy cost per unit, (BTU), has increased dramatically.

IBC found builders were unable to provide adequate insulation to the wall behind the electrical boxes using materials typically available on the jobsite. Thermal imaging always indicated substantial heat loss at the box regardless of efforts taken to mitigate the loss.

The new electrical box design allows building inspectors assurance that thermal performance of the exterior walls will comply with the existing building code language.

IBC is negotiating with several manufacturers of electrical boxes to incorporate the technology, and the newer boxes are expected to be available by summer of 2008.

Insulation Business Consultants ( has long been involved with energy-saving technology. The firm owns insulation contracting companies and provides consultation services to insulation contracting services organizations nation-wide.

Insulation Business Consultants, 176 Kituhwa Trail, Brevard, NC 28712. Telephone: 828-883-4208.

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