ST. JOHN, Ind. — Applied Scientific Research Inc. is introducing a new energy saving system, based on the patents 4,759,195 and 5,878,588. The Wasted Thermal Energy Recovery System is designed to recover heat from boiler rooms, which are found all over the world. It is easy to see that The Wasted Thermal Energy Recovery System saves both money and tremendous energy.

Boiler rooms, which are found in many facilities, are full of wasted heat. In the winter boiler room temperatures are about 110-degrees F (at the ceiling), and in the summer the temperature climbs to 135-degrees F. All of this is wasted heat and wasted energy. All of the wasted heat escapes from: the boiler shell, hot water heaters, un-insulated steam pipes the stack pipe and other equipment in the boiler room. Most of the heat escapes through the ceiling.

The Wasted Thermal Energy Recovery System recovers the heat from the ceiling, not from around the boiler, with a heat exchanger, (heat absorber), that has cold water running through it. This ceiling heat supplies the three therms/hour needed to raise the inlet water temperature about 30-degrees F, It is channeled into the water inlet, which supplies the boiler. This saves money and energy. Example: A 350hp boiler at 82 cents per therm would save about $21,000 a year on the cost of natural gas. This system does not use any pumps or holding tanks.

Other technologies preheat intake water such as stack recovery systems. Though these systems can raise the inlet water temperature higher then ours, they are extremely expensive. For example, a 350hp boiler (one which would be found in a factory) would cost $30,000 approximately for the unit and installation. Our unit can be designed to fit any size boiler. Our system cost is $8,200 a unit, and about $2,000 for installation. Our system pays for itself in six months. This would benefit: schools, hospitals, buildings, factories, and universities. The Wasted Thermal Energy Recovery System is much more economical, therefore is a more practical investment.

In order to insure that this system can be fully beneficial, and accessible we have decided to make it available for licensing. Applied Scientific Research Inc. is a small company, working with energy saving technology, in a world where energy is over used, and wasted. We would like to see this wasted energy be put to use by saving money, energy, and conserving natural gas.

More information: (219) 776-4623.

Applied Scientific Research Inc, P.O. Box 35, St. John, IN 46373-0035 USA.

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