PALO ALTO, Calif. — RenderX (, a market leader in “XML to PDF” and “XML to PostScript” technology, officially released a new software product Visual-XSL (VisualXSL). The VisualXSL application is a powerful tool that can be used in all business applications where forms need to be filled in.

High-performance batch form printing or dynamic, on-the-fly generation of form-style documents, such as statements, checks, bills, invoices, standard forms, government, insurance or application forms, etc., or direct mail are examples of ideal applications for Visual-XSL (VisualXSL).

Visual-XSL ( dramatically simplifies visual design of printable layouts that populate form-like documents with data. A PDF file or a raster image, such as a scan of a preprinted form, can be used as a layout’s background. The resulting XSL style sheet that merges the layout and the XML data to produce XSL-FO (XSLFO) can be used for creation of PDF or PostScript files using the RenderX XEP/XEPWin rendering engine.

RenderX Inc The resulting printable output may contain the imported background, or the background may be omitted for print on preprinted forms. The separation of the document into the static content and variable data delivers a significant boost in rendering productivity compared to the traditional rendering approach.

Visual-XSL (VisualXSL) is a GUI-based application for designing XSL style sheets that precisely position XML data in the output document. With an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface, Visual-XSL (VisualXSL) does all the hard work for the user – behind the scenes it creates an XSL style sheet.

Visual-XSL (VisualXSL) allows for importing an existing, single- or multi-page static form and positioning the content on that form using a simple, drag-and-drop GUI. A user can create an XSL style sheet visually, quickly, without coding or any XSL-FO (XSLFO) knowledge.

Within the designer, Visual-XSL (VisualXSL) supports many form-based elements including dynamic text, check marks, dynamic images, and barcodes. The application has wizards for easy creation of address labels and paragraph blocks that mix static text with dynamic content. All elements can be easily placed onto the form layout with their location being precisely controlled.

The application can be used by a wide range of users – from the beginners up to the advanced. The beginners can use Visual-XSL (VisualXSL) to fill forms just by using the visual tools. Almost all XPath expressions are created automatically when XML nodes are dragged and dropped onto the layout designer. The more experienced users who are familiar with XML and XPath can perform advanced tasks in Visual-XSL (VisualXSL): use “if … then” logic, edit XPath expressions, and so on. Every data field has properties that can be set to determine rendering under certain conditions.

Visual-XSL (VisualXSL) features a docking window interface. A user can dock and undock windows to create the optimal work configuration, with design in one window and preview in another, for example.

A 30-day trial version of Visual-XSL (VisualXSL) is available for download on the RenderX Web site (

About RenderX
RenderX, the recognized industry leader for software used for standards-based typeset-quality electronic and print output of business content, provides both standalone software products as well as integrated components into larger business solutions. XEP, RenderX’s original commercial engine and its flagship product, is the rendering engine of choice for XML/XSLFO to PDF, PostScript, and other paged formats generation.

RenderX’s patented technology is used by hundreds of organizations worldwide in the financial, consumer, insurance, government, manufacturing, transportation and pharmaceutical sectors to cost-effectively deliver dynamic documents in high volume to their customers, partners, and employees.

RenderX also provides integration support for its software products, as well as provide professional services for custom software development and document design, generation, and management.

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