WATERLOO, Canada — RoweBots, a leading supplier of RTOS solutions for wearables and IoT devices, announces the immediate availability of VehicleOS, an RTOS specifically for connected vehicle applications. VehicleOS is focused on delivering the precise set of features that automobile, truck, trailer and other vehicle OEM developers need to make development faster, simpler and lower cost.

Based on the tried and proven Unison(TM) RTOS, solution, VehicleOS(TM) optimizes features and simplifies designs for vehicle applications. For example, vehicle OEM designers need to boot in zero time. By eliminating boot time, vehicles are ready to drive sooner and users don’t have to wait for important features to become active. This also saves valuable development effort, reducing costs and time to market.

VehicleOS was designed to support the principles of lean product development and platform-based development, which dominate the development of smart components for the automobile and truck business. With support for modular development using open standards interfaces, support for standard automotive grade microcontrollers (MCUs) and microprocessors (MPUs), and complete support for their on-chip peripherals, VehicleOS fits perfectly into this environment.

Adaptability is key to quality designs and the ability for designs to evolve with changing customer requirements. This includes features such as modularity, scalability and flexibility to adapt to different architectural alternatives. VehicleOS delivers this with modular I/O, changeable processors and processor architectures, and open standards APIs giving designers the flexibility to add applications, modular features, and services.

Vehicle OEM designers need excellent power management solutions. VehicleOS offers this in several ways. A very tiny memory footprint ensures that minimum hardware can be used. Next, it saves power by providing support on smaller processors and the most power-efficient processors of a given type and size. And it offers even more power savings with idle sleep and RTC synchronization upon restart, and peripheral power down when not in use.

Navigation, connectivity, precision and a timely response are all key in vehicle applications. With proven satellite system and cell modem integration, and tracking and geo-fencing applications delivered on VehicleOS, your key features are easy to add. From on board radar or Lidar through proximity detection and lane tracking, VehicleOS gets the job done in minimal time with minimal risk at the lowest cost

Secure, safe, connected, complete, cloud connected and with cutting edge tool integration–VehicleOS stands as the ideal platform for building OEM connected vehicle products. See for further details.

VehicleOS is free for evaluation and prototyping. Licenses start at $999 USD for a single project and availability is immediate.

About RoweBots:

RoweBots is developing the next generation of modular system on chip ultra-tiny embedded Linux software for embedded OEM for the Internet of Things and M2M communication for a broad set of embedded applications. The company is based in Waterloo, Canada.

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