SEATTLE, Wash. — CNT Technologies, Inc. announced today its recent carbon nanotube fiber award from MICRO NANO 25 as “one of the most innovative products of 2007” selected by the editors of R&D Magazine and MICRO/NANO Newsletter. CNT Technologies is the leading producer of carbon nanotube fiber.

“We are encouraged that the public is being informed that we are on the cutting-edge of technology and innovation with our super-strong light weight CNT fiber,” stated Robert O’Leary, CEO. The award winning CNT fiber, which is pound-for-pound approximately 500% stronger and stiffer than any engineering material in the world, is grown in a CVD Equipment ET3000 furnace and spun on a computer-controlled spinning machine developed by CNT Technologies.

One-tenth the weight of carbon fiber, the CNT fiber will be commercially produced by CNT Technologies on high-speed spinning machines and promises to revolutionize the manufacture of aircraft, automobiles, satellites, sporting equipment and tens of thousands of additional products. “It is analogous to leaping in one bound from the Bronze Age to the age of high-strength steel and aluminum. Companies that do not have access to our product will simply be unable to compete and maintain market share,” stated O’Leary.

CNT Technologies is in discussion with major companies and investors to construct a small production plant at its facility in Los Alamos, NM which will be used to market product to hundreds of corporate customers. Any inquiry should be directed in writing to Thomas Puzzo, General Counsel, CNT Technologies Inc. at: puzzo@cnt-technologies(.com).

About CNT Technologies
CNT Technologies is the leading producer of carbon nanotube fiber and has developed advanced fiber and yarn spinning equipment, software and other technology related to mechanical and vacuum drafting/electromagnetic spinning of carbon nanotube fiber and yarn.

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