SEATTLE, Wash. — In April, 2007, Seattle-based Trans Marine Propulsion Systems, Inc. (TMPS, plans to open a second service and sales facility in Tampa, Florida, giving added convenience to ship owners, offshore operators, power plants, mechanical industries, and ship and engine builders in all parts of the world. The new facility will operate as a subsidiary called Trans Marine Tampa (TMT).

At the new Tampa facility, “Technicians will be on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week,” says Herbert Roeser, chairman and owner of TMPS. “We have always had people on call at all hours, but they were stationed on the West Coast.” The decision to expand came as a result of customer demand. “We have been servicing more and more vessels in the Gulf area, and it was time to set up shop there.”

Trans MarineTMPS has found a location in Tampa and plans to start operating there by the end of next month. “We can service most makes and types of diesel engines, including medium-speed and slow-speed engines for the marine industry and for diesel power plants,” says Shane Roeser (son of Herbert Roeser), TMPS’s Vice President. “We are one of the world’s few service facilities that offers this range of experience.”

The company’s service highlights include —

* Technical management of fleet of fishing vessels operating out of Dutch Harbor, Alaska.

* The “Marine Columbia,” a vessel owned by Alaska Tanker Company. TMPS carried out complete turnkey overhaul on the low speed main engine together with representatives from MAN B&W Diesel as well as the complete overhaul of the Daihatsu generator engines.

* Long term maintenance program for Sea-Land’s D-9 vessels, including regular scheduled main engine overhauls and planned maintenance on the Daihatsu generator engines through parts exchange and rotation program.

“We’re excited about providing our expertise to the marine operators and owners in the Gulf area,” says Herbert Roeser. “Our two facilities includes two modern, fully-equipped machine shops staffed by highly-trained personnel. We can handle the overhaul and recondition of all diesel engine components, including fuel equipment.”

Routine services performed include —

Overhaul & Reconditioning of All 4-Stroke Diesel Engine Components:
* Cylinder heads
* Cylinder liners
* Fuel pumps and injectors
* Pistons
* Connecting Rods
* Engine driven pumps
* Coolers
* Turbochargers

Overhaul of 2-Stroke Components:
* Cylinder cover
* Piston crown
* Exhaust valve spindle
* Exhaust valve

Engineering Services:
* Vibration analysis
* Diesel engine analysis
* Failure analysis
* Propulsion system integration
* Expert Testimony
* Consultancy

The company is the authorized sales and service center for the following original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s):
* MAN B&W Diesel, Alpha Propulsion Systems
* Kobelco Eagle Engineering
* Schwingungstechnik Broneske Gmbh
* Teekay
* Wakefield

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