VILLENEUVE D ASCQ, France — The software company AxBx is announcing the release of its new program: PC SECURITY TEST 2007. Primarily informational, PC Security Test is a freely available tool that is designed to educate users about computer security. Too often, family computers are either badly protected or not protected at all. Recent studies show that between 71 and 82 percent of PCs are infected with spyware.

PC Security Test is a free program that gives the user access to tools, information, and advice to test and improve the security of your computer. The tools allow users to quickly and easily verify that their computers are well protected against currents threats like viruses, spyware, and hackers. Additional tools test the antivirus protection of instant messaging software and the security settings of your web browser.

In a few clicks, PC Security Test can simulate virus and spyware attacks in order to evaluate a computer’s level of protection. The simulations pose no risk to the computer and are based on standard tests like port scans, EICAR, and CMESYS. At the end of the trial, PC Security Test deletes all files used in the simulation.

AxBx Software The software also includes a quiz that allows users to test their knowledge of computer security. A printable guide entitled “10 Tips for Securing Your Computer,” written by computer security experts, is also provided with the program.

The program works on all versions of Microsoft Windows(R), from Windows 95 to Windows Vista.

PC Security Test is free and may be downloaded from

The distribution of PC Security Test and its inclusion on CDs is authorized.

Press release, additional information, snapshots, and the downloadable version are available at

For all other information, contact AxBx at

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