eNewsChannels COLUMN: Hail to the National Football League (NFL) for compassionately hosting “Super Bowl Parties with a Purpose” this year through their “Taste of the NFL” and “Kick Hunger Challenge” to valiantly assist food banks in every NFL city.

Given this outpouring of care for the hungry, what if this Super Bowl energy and the example of our First Ladies Roosevelt, Obama and Lady Bird, helped bring to light simple, holistic short and long term solutions that address the roots of 50 million Americans going hungry, starting this spring? Wouldn’t that be a victory for all Americans? And with 400 million children worldwide hungry, how might we create a victory for our Human Race?

PHOTO CAPTION: Three First Ladies, Lady Bird Johnson, Rosalyn Carter and Betty Ford with Rep Bella Abzug and Olympians Donna deVarona and Suzy Chaffee in 1977, celebrating the progress of women through the torch relay from NY’s Seneca Falls to “Women’s International Year” at Houston. Along the way women enjoyed the aromatherapy of Lady Bird’s “Keep America Beautiful” wild flowers, which restored vast food-producing acres from erosion! (Seneca Falls was birthplace of the Suffragettes first adopted by Seneca Clan mothers. Our women’s progress has resulted in happier families worldwide.) Photo credit: Copyright © 1977 Diana Mara Henry (

Coaching some of the 49ers and Bengals at a fun ski race at Vail after their Super Bowl, I also found the team spirit and big hearts of these football heroes contagious! The amazing love energy particularly at February’s Super Bowl reminded me of carrying the relay torch into the Houston Astrodome with First Ladies Lady Bird, Carter, and Ford in 1977 for Women’s International Year, which united and celebrated U.S. Women. Sports is the great unifier.

The U.S. Women’s progress, as well as the Men’s Super Bowls were both won by extraordinary teamwork, strategy, heart and follow-through. What if these yin-yang forces came together this pivotal 2012 to greatly reduce hunger for all our children? And what if all the resources we needed cost virtually nothing and were right next to us? Thanks to having the World’s Greatest Coach, these simple solutions became crystal clear by caring enough to ask some basic questions.


Through Olivia Ellis PhD, my gifted Cherokee guide, who is a Master Gardener and Garden Guide at President Jefferson’s Monticello Gardens, I learned that in the book of Genesis, God’s first command was, “Plant fruit trees.” Yet along the way much of humanity forgot. Today 15 million children per year worldwide, 40,000 a day, have been dying of hunger or related diseases, according to WomenAid. In the U.S. alone, 17 million children suffer from hunger and malnutrition!

God’s command got real for me after then asking Dr. Ellis, “where was the original Garden of Eden anyway?” I was amazed to learn that “the Garden of Eden lives on along the mountain ranges of Iraq, Iran, Armenia and Syria.” Then realizing that when I skied down Iran’s Mt Dizin with Queen Farah Diba Pahlavi and Olympian Billy Kidd (Abenaki) in 1977, I was actually snowdancing in the Garden of Eden! OMG, I thought, and then found myself planting many fruit trees. No wonder the Hopi Indians, whose ceremonies help them grow corn in the desert, have also wisely advised us to be self sustainable, especially around 2012.


What was even more astounding was learning from Dr. Ellis that the following life-saving resources in the U.S., Canada, and perhaps many countries, have been readily available to solve this travesty to innocent children, especially in our Super Power country. “Every county in the U.S., as well as province in Southern Canada, has Master Gardeners happy to give seeds from their gardens, along with the knowhow to help anyone grow nutritious plants, in neighborhoods, schools and roof gardens,” said this huge-hearted doctor.


The Master Gardeners also brilliantly mentor young people. There are now thousands of Junior Master Gardeners (JMG) helping turn U.S. schools and communities into gardens to feed everyone, as well as inspire us with their beauty.

I was also shocked and delighted to learn that the U.S. State Forestry Departments also donate young native trees, including fruit trees, to groups of Jr. Master Gardeners and 4-H Clubs working on projects to prevent erosion around their homes, schools, churches or any green space. Adults can also buy seedlings (little trees) for just a dollar in most states.


“Our Jr. Master Gardeners Program submitted an application to the Forest Service and received 100 FREE native organic plum trees plus native persimmons to plant around our school in Afton, Virginia. While waiting for the trees to bear fruit, students enjoy learning to make plum jams and jellies,” said Dr. Ellis.

In the U.S. and Canada you can find Master Gardeners in your area by Googling your county or province’s “demonstration” and “children’s gardens.” State and Provincial Master Gardener Coordinators can be found on The American Horticulture Society’s Map of the Master Gardiners is on:


Since everyone, especially kids learn best when they are having fun,’s “Fruit Tree Tour” takes the cake. A busload of green-thumbed youth drive to schools, fueled by vegetable oil and a rock band, and help the students and teachers create orchards with the FREE trees they bring. Plus plants also love great music! The Fruit Tree Tour only happens in California, but anyone could quarterback a program like this in the U.S. and world to get their children’s schools rockin. and


Crystal Booth, a young San Franciscan volunteering on our fruit tree school project in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, suggested “kids could plant fruit trees in community parks and schools across America and the world in this fun way.” Rock stars might like to help get the party (and seedlings) started!

What better way to celebrate and reconnect with Madre Tierra than planting fruit trees on UN’s International Mother Earth Day April 22 – the same day as Earth Day – or any ideal planting time. The day was initiated by the Indigenous Bolivians two years ago to celebrate Her as a wise, loving compassionate being. Your wonderful Master Gardeners and JMG kids will be thrilled to assist.

A fun basic training tool to enhance kids’ green thumbs prior to planting is a game based on the curriculum of the JMG program for grades 3-5, but everyone can learn something. Just click on any of the pictures on the game board and you’re off on a gardening adventure and play as an individual or on a team.


(Note: Your computer may get a message saying the program may have harmful content which is the browser’s security program at work, but it is not harmful, so say “yes” to continue, and enjoy!)


Thanks to the International Junior Master Gardener program through the AgriLife Extension at Texas A&M University, partnered with Nobel Peace Prize winner, Norman Borlaug’s Institute, JMG also has programs in Canada, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, South Korea, Ukraine, Italy, England, South Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan.

JMG has magnanimously reached a million youth in the U.S. and worldwide. They have curriculums available in many languages, including Spanish, with games and trainers available as they are planning programs in Panama, Ecuador, Mexico and Australia.

Having lived in Aspen I learned about the challenges of high altitude farming, yet it is there that I saw the first school gardens. Since then the Seeds Trust has made hardy seeds and knowhow easily available:

Many countries may also have little known resources available that Google or a few phone calls may identify. Yet I learned by word of mouth in Mexico about the Northern Italian public schools, which have organic gardens and serve only organic foods. They set the standard worldwide for mainstream! With so many countries close to bankruptcy, what a wise way to save billions in healthcare and develop higher IQ’s, as pesticides harm the brain, to solve our world eco crisis.


The JMG program “engages children in novel, ‘hands-on’ group and individual learning experiences that promote a love of gardening, develop an appreciation for the environment and cultivate the mind.” JMG kids consume more fruits and vegetables and exhibit higher science and math scores while enhancing life skills such as leadership, giving back, and intuition, thanks to being in Nature, which makes one more psychologically balanced. Therefore student organic gardens can prepare them for the two million jobs needed by U.S. technology companies ( For gardening programs and activities see Texas A&M’s “Just for Kids” site.


The U.S. Botanic Garden with its 4,000 plants on the National Mall belongs to every citizen. Knowing that all life on this planet is dependent on plants, this institution has a resource template that makes applying for school grants very easy, along with fascinating activities with schools, so all U.S. students can have a wild time co-creating their own botanic garden.”


The problem in the US and Canada and perhaps other countries, is communication. These humble Master Gardeners have been so busy volunteering their time and recycling seeds to fulfill their missions to nurture their community’s (greatly increasing) hungry, that they were not aware that the masses haven’t known that these incredible resources exist. Yet most knew about First Lady Bird Johnson’s brilliant “Keep America Beautiful” wildflower campaign that restored vast agricultural lands, thanks to press and public service announcements and similar coverage of this solution could save lives. While many countries may not have seed, tree, or training programs, there are likely wise relatives, Indigenous, and mainstream neighbors happy to guide or mentor kids.

Coincidentally, what restores the health of the malnourished is the same solution that MIT and Columbia Universities found is the key to ending obesity – fresh local produce, ideally organic. School gardens help ensure that kids of all income levels get at least one nutritious meal per day. Rachael Ray is assisting First Lady Michelle to create a generation of lean, clean, and vibrantly healthy youth through helping plant over 100 school gardens in the U.S.


Studies released in December by The Biggest Loser TV Show and and world-renowned naturopath, Dr. Gabriel Cousins, both corroborated MIT’s findings. Both found that groups of obese diabetics eating a diet of fresh raw organic fruits and veggies for 30 days, ENDED diabetes! (


Mexico’s beautiful innocent children are No. 1 in diabetes in the world, and their leading cause of death. In the adult division, the U.S leads, followed by Mexico. Because the Mexican Government doesn’t have a free tree program, these diabetes and malnutrition studies helped inspire Bob Price, the American founder of Puerto Vallarta’s dreamy Botanical Gardens, to generously offer to contribute six citrus, mango, guava, etc… trees per year for students to plant in PV’s 214 school yards to start gardening/nutrition programs!


In so doing Price is creating a Mexican model for replacing rampant malnutrition, obesity and diabetes with a vibrant Mexico. And planting fruit trees is the first step toward organic vegetable gardens, which could this spring, with the help of local angels, start nurturing Puerto Vallarta’s students in a matter of months. With every Mexican school planting this super nutritious combo, instead of tax payers wasting a half billion dollars on painful epidemics from ignoring God’s command, their country and any country, can create a healthy, happy generation of kids.

“Diabetes is becoming the largest cost for many health systems,” said Majid Ezzati, a professor of global environmental health at London’s Imperial College, so here is some more keys to thriving economies.


Where can people buy nutritious seeds? Dr. Ellis said, “there are seed exchanges in the U.S. and worldwide (including via internet) of natural heirloom seeds that last forever. Each September, the Thomas Jefferson Foundation teams up with Southern Seed Exposure to offer taste tests and sell special heirloom seed collections especially for school gardens.”

Olivia also shared that “President Jefferson listened and learned from Native Americans who developed delicious varieties of corn, avocados, tomatoes, potatoes, squash, black beans, as well as cocoa beans for chocolate”.

Scientists agree that the origins of most of these beloved vegetables go back 7,000-10,000 B.C. in Latin America, thanks especially to the Aztecas of Mexico, Maya in Guatemala, and Incas in Peru. Native American Elders say some of the tribes brought these nutritious veggies with them when they migrated north to Turtle Island (USA), or through their extensive trade routes. Bless you indigenous people!

South American Tribes discovered 1,500 years ago a major solution, besides organic gardens, to the world malnutrition, diabetes and obesity epidemics. Stevia is a great tasting zero carb herbal sweetener, which the Asians have been growing and using in most processed foods and drinks to combat diabetes since the 70’s. It was finally approved by our FDA and the comparable of the E.U.


Just as the tribes freely shared all these delicious taste sensations with Jefferson and other botanists, the President shared them with a pure-hearted brotherhood of botanists worldwide.

American Indian were lauded at Aspen’s WorldWatch Conference for their foresight in preserving these organic seeds to protect future generations. Michigan State University, UC Davis, and Stanford are also leaders in agriculture, including some cross-pollination with the tribes.


Therefore it is critical that we follow the wisdom of tribal Elders, the U.N., and First Lady Michelle, whose Children’s White House Garden uses only organic seeds and fertilizers. Former Director of Monticello’s Grounds and Gardens, Peter Hatch, assisted the First Lady in creating their organic garden, now a priceless role model for ending obesity, along with demonstrating to our youth how to “Move,” including beating Ellen at pushups on her Show.

First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt‘s organic Victory Garden on the White House grounds helped inspire 20 million organic Victory Gardens (pre Chemical Industry) that empowered Americans to be self sufficient, healthy, lean, clean, sharp and energized to win WWII!

Each First Lady has made critical contributions to our well being, especially of our children’s. Hopefully Michelle, our wise, compassionate, fittest First Lady in mind, body and spirit, can do wonders to help get the message out about these FREE organic resources available to all U.S. citizens. Our focus will give hope and warm the tummies and hearts of millions of children who could, come this spring’s planting season, be gifted by humanitarian heroes with the nutritional building blocks to be included in the new American Dream!


What convinced me to go organic 13 years ago was seeing the slides of Dr. Cousins at Telluride’s Awareness Festival. Through Kirlean Photography we saw how organic fruits and vegetables had bright shafts of energy emanating from them, called “life force,” Nature’s healing force, while pesticided produce looked like black blobs.

Because 80% of all processed foods are infused with genetically modified organisms (GMOs), which poison our bodies and water and alter our DNA, Popes John Paul and Dominic have told farmers to use natural seeds. The only way to be sure foods are GMO and pesticide-free is by eating organic.


If your school doesn’t have space for a garden outdoors, there are dome-shaped hydroponic seed kits for herb, bean, pea, pepper, lettuce and flower cultivators, proven fast-growing by NASA for $30.

Another dome kit for students or families to grow lunches costs $20. Teachers could negotiate a major group discount for students and insist all the elements are organic.

DC advisor Charles Stone shared the most realistic solution to year round fresh organics in schools… Kacper Postawski developed a 40 foot (magical) domed greenhouse that students could construct for $500 in raw materials as their school project, or a miniature one for $80. See video:

Since so much U.S. soil is depleted of nutrients from, Kacper wrote the book, “Biodynamic Farming Secrets.” It explains how to cooperate with Nature to turn ordinary food into superfood without pesticides or chemicals, as our ancestors did, which restores pulsating life to dead soil.

The View TV Show featured the versatile “Growums Garden Kits,” which can teach anyone how to easily grow and care for backyard or patio gardens for about $10.


We could also quickly and easily educate this generation to be sharper Earth Caretakers in this world emergency by teachers and parents simply sharing the following amazing Youtube videos with your children. The first one, and possibly others are multi lingual, like “HOME,” “WATER: THE GREAT MYSTERY,” “DESTROYING PLANET EARTH – THE GREAT PACIFIC GARBAGE PATCH,” “THRIVE,” and fruit tree planting videos.


Clean water is the key ingredient to growing nutritious food and healthy communities to solve hunger and malnutrition. Because of drinkable water shortages in many regions, we must stop contaminating water in the first place by shifting to all natural products, green wind and solar energy, green golf courses and electric cars ASAP. Austrian naturalist Johann Grander developed the most effective system to revitalize tap and other abused water close to the potent healing properties of the “original” water. (See above water video) Many European ski resorts use it in their snowmaking and enjoy abundant snow, flowery mountains, and thriving agriculture. Kitzbuhlers drink from their streams again and sports heroes go there to streamline rehab.

Armed with this wisdom and fishing poles, instead of just fish, kids can be Super Heroes in helping to restore our Garden of Eden because loving parents listen. Here’s what our children are thinking, and how Canada’s Servin Suzuki helped wake up the UN, along with the Indigenous Bolivians and Native Americans to be so enlightened now, especially about Mother Earth.

In a CNN story, Raj Patel, author of “Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World Food System,” says “the right to food should be a human right, but powerful corporate food distributors control too much of the world’s food supply to ensure a robust global food supply.” Yet our WWII Victory Gardens out produced commercial agriculture then.

Patricia Wolff, executive director of Meds & Food for Kids, thinks hunger can be conquered. “It just takes the will to do it.” So take full advantage of these precious life-saving resources, and if they are not yet available in your community or country, enlighten your leaders and command them to provide these resources as a human right!

“What a great idea if we all planted the fruits trees we love, my God, our world would never suffer hunger,” said Mari Torres of one of Puerto Vallarta’s First Families. “Our little grandkids get so excited and empowered planting and then sharing with us their fresh vegetables and fruits.”

In other parts of the world here is a glorious future that is evolving.


At the encouragement of the UN to bridge Indigenous cultures with mainstream through fun snowsports, to work together to end droughts through the miraculous snowdances that the Native American elders have graciously led to save US Ski resorts since 1960, I wanted to connect with the Indigenous Elders or shamen of the Slavic countries. Our North American Elders have helped save the Squaw Valley, Utah and Vancouver Olympics and Sochi is next. Snowmelt is even more critical for our drinking water, forests, and agriculture.

I learned from Dr. Ellis that Russia scientists are leaders in communicating with plants. Then gifted Sedona professor, Susie Brighton, told me about Anastasia, the Siberian phenomenon. Vladimir Megre’s Ringing Cedars books captured how this Nature woman has inspired Russians and 100 million around the world to co-create her dream of food security for Man and animal. She also helped inspire the eco-village movement of reconnecting with the wisdom and powers in Nature to bloom in Russia and worldwide. My Slavic Olympic mom Stevia first told me about Findhorn’s magical gardens in Scotland.


Born in 1969, Anastasia’s parents died when she was two, and she was lovingly raised by her grandfather and great grandfather, but mainly protected and fed by wild animals and plants in the pristine Taiga forest. She communicated telepathically with them, like many children and Indigenous Elders, and received her powers and wisdom of the universe through the trees, especially the Siberian cedars. The Pacific Northwest Tribes also honor cedar trees, and wise King Solomon built his temple to God out of the Cedars of Lebanon to open people up to “the great intelligence of God.” I am proud that the Russian side of my heritage helped unlock this deeper insight of God’s first tree command!

Anastasia said that in the 1993 shift toward democracy people got back small family plots of land too small to cultivate with mechanized equipment. So these Russian farmers, called ‘Dachniks,’ reconnected with the Earth with joyous enthusiasm that rekindled their intuition and self worth. Now 35 million families, or 70% of the population, grow their own food mostly organically. President Yeltsin even confessed to spending his weekends tending his vegetable garden at his dacha (cabin) near a forested area – for improved mental and physical health.

Mother Earth is very sensitive. She feels each pair of hands on Her body, just as a tiny mosquito can affect a human. As millions of pairs of hands began lovingly touching Earth, She found new strength to carry on, said the Siberian mystic.

Russia’s top academic magazine, Chudesa i prikliuchenia (Wonders and Adventures) said, “In their boldest dreams our academics come nowhere near the insights of Anastasia, the wise woman of the Siberian taiga.” The key is purity of thought. Some of their schools are incorporating this wisdom of Nature with amazing results.

Since pesticides attack the brain and lower the IQ, these organic dachniks are restoring the brainpower of this generation of Russian children, along with other European countries.

The Italians consume nearly 70-80% organic daily – also for the great taste – and all the schools in Northern Italy have organic lunches. Italy helped pioneer WWOOF – Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farm. It is an international network linking people who want to work on organic farms where hosts who offer food, accommodations, and opportunities to learn about organic lifestyles.

Mother Russia and many European countries, Canada, and Licking, Missouri, have been celebrating “Dachnik Day,” honoring gardeners and our connectedness to Earth on July 23rd. Starting barefoot (for extra healing) at dawn they lovingly greet their sprouts and seedlings. After tending the gardens with guitar music and dancing, ending in family feasts where they express gratitude to each other and Mother Earth, these gardeners return to cities with baskets of flowers and joyfully share their bounty with everyone. Let’s join this blissful bandwagon in solidarity with our Russian friends and hosts of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

On July 23rd we could celebrate our American Gardeners, especially our Master Gardeners, JMG Kids and Tribes for heroicly showing us how to tenderly massage our Mother Earth and  feed ALL our people. Opening our hearts as a team like this also heals and smoothes possible 2012’s earth changes so a catastrophe or drought doesn’t have to, say Elders.

U.N’s International Mother Earth Day could also include some of these fun “planting parties with a purpose” in an ever expanding exciting way to nurture all our children.


“Johnny Appleseed is an early U.S. version of Anastasia,” said Dr. Ellis. “Born Johnny Chapman in 1774 at his family’s apple orchard in Massachusetts, this kind-hearted visionary planted apple trees along the rivers and streams from the East to the Wild West. Also barefoot and sleeping under the stars, he communicated and lived at one with animals and plants and was beloved by the children of Native Americans and settlers. His sweet heroic generosity lives on.” (Margaret Hodges’ True Tale of Johnny Appleseed)


Super Bowl 2012 MVP Eli Manning said on the Letterman Show that the key to their victory is loving their teammates and working as One. With this united team spirit 99% of our citizens can soon enjoy greater happiness.

To be a valuable player (VP) on this Dream Team, spread the word! See your football heroes cheering you on.

Joined with other great humanitarians, charities, and stars like Jeff Bridges, Oprah and Ellen, the vital energy of these food banks is critical as we hopefully shift toward creating abundant harvests for all Americans.

Special thanks to (NJ’s) Mt Creek Ski Area, the Ute Mt. Casino, SkiLogik (plants a tree for each pair of skis sold), and Mountain Riders Alliance for helping make possible our bringing these solutions to light. For more info or to support this awareness campaign, contact:

Whatever model works best for your community or country, the key is spreading the word and exploring. Simply using the free resources of the U.S. and Canada to plant organic orchards and gardens at our schools this spring could cost-effectively score a victory over hunger, diabetes and obesity in one fell swoop.

Here is also a chance for a priceless karmic touchdown for all those who lend a hand to relieve the short and long term hunger of millions of our teammates in this 2012 “Souper Bowl of Mother Earth,” along with those who lit the way.

By also shifting from nuclear to safe wind and solar energy to protect the health of our food supply for generations worldwide, and giving appreciation to our Earth Mother for all these gifts, we are planting the seeds for our children to create little Victory Gardens that add up to our restoring Eden. By following God’s first command, all Creator’s children can flourish.

Together Team Earth is bringing in the dawn of a radiant new era!


Article is Copr. © 2012 Suzy “Chapstick” Chaffee, and originally published on – all commercial and reprint rights reserved. Contact Suzy at:

Suzy "Chapstick" Chaffee Bio - as first woman on the USOC board in the 70s, she led the successful reform of the Olympic Rules with Legends like Bill Bradley, Muhammad Ali, Jack Kelly, Kip Keino, which leveled the playing fields with the government supported countries through Madison Ave, then led the Title IX March in DC. In 1996 she co-founded the Native American Olympic Team Foundation that has inspired ski areas across the US and Canada to invite tribal youth to share the joy of skiing with over 10,000 youth, which inspires their Elders to lead snowdances that have saved ski areas from droughts for 55 years. At the request of SLOC, she orchestrated a snowdance that restored their snow and also a Native ceremony with Ali, that protected Utah from expected terrorism, and every Olympics since then, including RIO!