PITTSBURGH, Pa. —, a new web service, helps Internet users protect and safely manage their favorite web sites and passwords from any computer. uses a patent-pending technology to protect Internet users from spyware as they log-in to their email accounts and other web sites.

“Most anti-virus solutions are designed to lock down a particular machine from spyware. Spyshakers protects your identity on any computer,” says Grant Friedline, President of “Our solution does not require downloads, installations, or flash drives.”

Spyshakers (available online at has developed a web service that allows users to safely log in to web sites under the surveillance of spyware – an industry first. The patent-pending system (*see note) bypasses keystroke loggers, clipboard monitors and screen capturing devices.

Spyshakers’ system works best with a feature called “Sidebar” found in the Firefox, Netscape, Mozilla, and Seamonkey browsers. It also works with browsers like Internet Explorer and Safari (with limited functionality at this time).

Spy Shakers Users of can create their own Shaker List – a “combination lock” of their favorite web sites that must be selected to gain full access to their account. A Shaker List can be one, a combination, or all of a user’s favorite links. Its purpose is to protect usernames and passwords from keyloggers and screen capturing devices (if the list is longer than the screen). The Movie Gallery and Shaker List Practice Page on the web site are good demonstrations of the feature.

“Our goal was to come up with a web service that flies underneath the radar of sophisticated spyware,” says Friedline. “I am pleased with how simple and effective our solution works.”

*(Note: Patent application filed with attorney, the Webb Law Firm, but does not yet appear in the USPTO system.)

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