TOPEKA, Kan. — Suntell, the provider of the award winning Synergy loan origination system, has announced that it has partnered with CCMC, a leading provider of financial services industry platform interfaces, to deliver time-saving and error-reducing interface solutions to Suntell clients.

“Automating all aspects of the loan processing workflow is essential to delivering a quality solution. The exchange of customer data between the loan origination system and the servicing system is essential to the success of any loan origination system,” said Veronica Wooten, Suntell’s Chief Operating Officer. “CCMC has outstanding products and strong relationships with all the major host servicing vendors. By partnering with them we have immediate access to all the major servicing systems.”

“Improving end to end loan management with dependable technology and user friendly processes is key to the success of financial institutions,” explained Dana Giesler, Vice President of Sales for CCMC. “We have always offered our clients a robust, seamless transfer of data from system to system, enabling consolidation of efforts and reduction of errors naturally caused by re-keying data. The end result is a more efficient workflow that improves the bottom line. Together with Suntell, we are offering a solution that will immediately benefit the clients,” added Giesler.

Synergy is an easy-to-navigate system which nearly eliminates all duplicate data entry. Because Synergy is completely integrated with Suntell’s Loan Management System, it functions as more than a loan origination system and works as a tool, taking the lender through every step of the lending process.

“From loan analysis and presentation to loan documentation and preparation through post closing, tracking, and review, Synergy provides a cohesive solution,” said Wooten. “Beyond its convenience in design and functionality, Synergy provides lenders a total solution to streamlining current processes and freeing time to focus on building customer relationships.”

About Suntell
Suntell was formed a decade ago in a joint venture by bankers for bankers. It is Suntell’s continuing mission to be the premier provider of proven solutions for financial institutions. Suntell’s unique product suite is centered on its Loan Management System, an electronic credit filing system. The LMS is fully integrated to save lenders time and provide the latest tools for document tracking and financial analysis in one convenient system. By utilizing Suntell, banks can eliminate the hassles and costs of using multiple stand-alone applications. Suntell’s solutions include its Loan Management System, Synergy, and Suntell Document Imaging.

Through bank efficiency analysis, Suntell also offers work flow enhancement consulting to further leverage lenders time and productivity. Suntell provides these tools to make the most of lenders efforts through one touch, one time, one solution. The Suntell products are utilized within financial institutions in 17 states across the U.S. every business day. For more information on Suntell, Synergy, or its entire product suite, visit or call 888.848.7349.

About CCMC, Inc.
Founded in 1994, CCMC is an information technology solutions provider focused on the financial services industry. Headquartered in Altamonte Springs, FL., CCMC helps more than 800 financial institutions in the U.S. to be more efficient and profitable. CCMC provides solutions designed to improve productivity and streamline the flow of information.

CCMC Bridge products offer a powerful rules engine that takes automation to the highest level while remaining user friendly with point and click easy interaction. For more information, visit or call 407.788.7557.

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