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Out In Left Publishing announces new book by Daniel Printz, 'Sand Pail City'

ROANOKE, Va. /eNewsChannels/ -- Out In Left Publishing announced this week its second novel, 'Sand Pail City' (ISBN-10: 098-3289212), authored by Daniel Printz.

New Science Fiction Novel, Sextopia, Invites Reader to a Ravaged World Seeking Sexual Salvation

ROANOKE, Va. /eNewsChannels/ -- Out in Left Publishing announced this week the launch of a new science fiction novel, 'Sextopia' (ISBN: 978-0983289203). Authored by Daniel Printz, 'Sextopia' focuses on a future world, devastated by bloodshed that is transformed by two prominent and influential men who take the small, remaining population and devise a system where everyone is governed by the original sin.

Homeowners may be in Hidden Peril if residing in Woodford and Marshall Counties, Illinois

ROANOKE, Ill. /eNewsChannels/ -- Residents of Woodford and Marshall counties are being warned about the possibility of mine subsidence damage occurring to homes built over abandoned, underground mines. The warning is being issued by the Illinois Mine Subsidence Insurance Fund (IMSIF) in its continuing effort to educate consumers about the risk of mine subsidence in Illinois.