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Content Creators Earn Higher Revenue Share with new Gan Jing World’s Membership Channel Subscription

eNewsChannels NEWS: -- Content creators! Gan Jing World (GJW) is gearing up to roll out a suite of highly anticipated monetization tools that allow you to now earn income on the fastest-growing social platform. Gan Jing World has soft launched the Channel Membership Program (Beta).

Video Sharing Social Portal, Gan Jing World, Celebrates 2023 Mother’s Day with Video Awards

eNewsChannels NEWS: -- Gan Jing World (Ganjingworld Corp.) announces its first Mother's Day celebration videos award that showcases the best memories, moments, traits, and values. We want to honor moms around the world for their unconditional love, support, and sacrifice. Share Your Love to Moms, Win up to $1,000 Cash Award.