ANNAPOLIS, Md. — announced today that it has re-released the controversial board game, “Public Assistance: Why Bother Working for a Living?” in both an economy version and a deluxe version. The game pits players on the Able-bodied Welfare Recipient’s Promenade against those in the Working Person’s Rut. Those on the Welfare Promenade begin with $1,000 and get $300 more for each out-of-wedlock child.

Public Assistance board gameThey also get money by playing the lottery and the horses, getting involved in four “Saturday Night” crimes – armed robbery, gambling, drugs, and prostitution-and drawing from 50 “Welfare Benefit” cards. Players stuck in the Working Person’s Rut draw “Working Person’s Burden” cards, and do their best to stretch out their meager paychecks, hoping to get back on the Welfare Promenade.

In the 1980’s, Welfare officials in Washington put into operation a successful nationwide plan to remove the game from the retail marketplace. The details of this government-directed censorship are documented at

Writer and co-inventor Bob Johnson is billing the re-released game, a big slice of Americana, as the “Classic Welfare Fraud Edition,” giving working folks an opportunity to experience for themselves all the welfare scams they’ve been financing for years.

“When knee-jerk critics refer to the game as a vicious brand of stereotyping, as perpetuating out-dated myths, or as sexist and racist, I am quick to remind them that we didn’t invent the welfare game, government liberals did; we just put it in a box,” Mr. Johnson said.

The economy version ($17.90) features a playing surface on 12 point gloss stock with sheets of welfare benefit cards, working person’s burden cards, and out-of-wedlock children that must be cut out. The playing surface of the deluxe version ($33.90) is spill-proof vinyl, and the cards come in stacks ready for play. Both versions come with over half-a-million dollars in stacked play money: we’re talking serious welfare fraud here.

“There’s a whole generation that hasn’t even seen this great welfare fraud game,” Mr. Johnson said. “This is a game every family can afford and every family should own,” he added.

The fun game is also “guaranteed” to help rehabilitate “lingering liberals.” The humorous Web site offers “proof” of this from the worlds of science, religion, and medicine.

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