Advertising Information

Advertising Information

Information on advertising on this site is intended for agencies and professional ad networks.

We have NO interest in click-through partnerships, affiliate banners/boxes, or any sale of words within text of articles, at this time. PLEASE see our pre-paid ad rates found below.

This site is published by Neotrope® a California-based publishing and entertainment company, established 1983.

Run of Site Advertising:

Note: as this is a NEW advertising program, the earliest advertiser(s) will get potentially exclusive placement in some areas of site due to low or no rotation.

300 x 250 IMU – (Medium Rectangle)
NEW! Run of site sponsorships, and HOME PAGE rotation, start at $200 per month for top right of all article and news pages, for a standard 300×250 pixel ad box (animated GIF, JPG, FLASH).

Special featured 300×250 unit option: Add $100 per month for static dedicated ad unit (you own a “spot,” and no other advertisers are included in that spot) — only ONE of these special spots available, offered on first-come, first-serve basis.

728 x 90 IMU – (Leaderboard)
Run of site sponsorships rotation, top of ALL article and news content pages for high visibility leaderboard (animated GIF, JPG, FLASH). $200 per month in rotation.

300×100 IMU – (3:1 Rectangle)
Run of site on article pages, and lower mid-page home page, $120 per month in rotation.

468 x 60 IMU – (Full Banner)
Run of site start at $100 per month within article page content, at bottom of story, for a standard 468×60 pixel banner (GIF, JPG) in rotation.

All advertising is pre-paid in minimum 3-month intervals. Company check, bank-drawn money order, PayPal with confirmed/verified account, or wire transfer, are accepted. For PayPal, must be U.S. based business only. Inquire for more information. 10% discount for 12-month prepay.

Materials and Content:
All ad subject matter is subject to prior approval.

We do NOT accept link exchanges, or respond to link exchange requests.


A growing audience! As of May 2008, eNewsChannels™ is receiving over 1.23 million hits, and 495,000 page views per month (about 16,000 per day).

eNewsChannels content is syndicated through various content and social media networks, including Google News, Voxant / TheNewsRoom, Wikio, Blogburst / Pluck, DIGG, hundreds of RSS systems, and search engine optimized by ContextEngine®.

Advertisers receive monthly PDF of site stats generated from raw server logs.

Network Buy

For $400 a month (limited offer), your 300×250 ad unit can get ROS placement throughout our network, which includes:

  • eNewsChannels™
  • California Newswire®
  • Music Industry Newswire™
  • Advertising Industry Newswire™
  • Publishers Newswire™ (pending)


For more information on contracting ad space on our network,
please email: advertising @ neotrope .com (remove the spaces in address); and specify which publication you’re inquiring about (i.e., eNewsChannels™).

Disclaimer: This information is believed accurate but is not guaranteed. This information was last updated on Aug. 15, 2008.