alternative dispute resolutionDELRAY BEACH, Fla. /eNewsChannels/ — Domain Holdings Group, LLC announces debut of . Featuring a comprehensive directory and in-depth information about alternative dispute resolution, the site fills a much-needed gap – to provide services to individuals and organizations who wish to resolve conflicts out of court.

“Arbitration is surely a great tool for communication, but I think what really needs to be addressed is the listening ability of all parties involved. If everyone was a better listener, fewer problems would spring up and the problems that did would be solved faster,” states Mike “Zappy” Zapolin, the entrepreneur behind this premium domain development.

Utilizing a technology development and design solution from the beginning, Domain Holdings was involved in all stages of development. From domain analysis to market opportunity, they know what it takes to develop the best strategy tailored to your business model. With the expertise, knowledge and skills to help any business dramatically increase their presence online, Domain Holdings has once again successfully provided a cost effective solution by setting up a proprietary network to help consumers and lawyers find each other.

About Domain Holdings Group, LLC:

Domain Holdings is led by a team of true visionaries and pioneers of the digital world, including John Ferber, co-founder of, the world’s largest and most successful third-party online advertising network, which was acquired by AOL in 2004. Always striving to contribute to the growth of the Internet industry, Domain Holdings delivers the highest quality traffic, while maximizing the value of their partners’ domain portfolios.

No matter the size of your business, Domain Holdings can dramatically increase your presence online and make strategic decisions that provide an unmatched return on investment. In their quest to become the most comprehensive monetization and full-scale domain development company, Domain Holdings has hit a home run out of the park. For more information, visit .

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