HOWELL, N.J. — According to Steven Fursik, founder of, Kangen(TM) water is one of the greatest preventative health advances of our generation. Enagic, Inc., of Japan, recently introduced Kangen(TM) water, a miraculous water product, to the U.S. and is sharing its proven benefits with clients.

“It’s pure, healthy, alkaline drinking water with miraculous healing properties,” Fursik explained. “In fact, this water is so amazing that it has been approved by medical professionals in Japan as the single water product endorsed by the Japanese Association of Preventive Medicine for Adult Disease, and the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare (FDA equivalent) because of its benefit for good health.”

Enagic water machineConsider this: currently, one, or possibly all, of these substances are in the water you’re drinking, and have been approved for human consumption in tap and/or bottled water: chlorine, arsenic, cyanide, and lead.

Is this fair to our bodies? The answer is no. This new product offers wonderful tasting, oxygen-rich, anti-oxidant water with no free radicals.

Kangen(TM) water is used throughout the world in hospitals where “miracle healings” have been reported. Overall health benefits include: an alkaline balanced body that does not create an environment for viruses and bacteria to live. Bacteria or viruses will not enter an alkaline body and grow into a serious disease.

Increasing a body’s alkalinity also leads to rapid weight loss and to miraculous improvements for people with diabetes. Athletes experience instant recovery and enhanced performance, flushing out lactic acid and toxins, while supplying an intense amount of high oxygen count. Kangen(TM) water enters muscles, ligaments, joints, and lungs faster and increases speed, flexibility, and endurance.

World-renowned colon specialist, Dr. Hiromi Shinya, and inventor of the colonoscopy, is one of the top endorsers for Kangen(TM) water. He explains that “a clean colon is one of the most important precursors to good health.”

Up to 90 percent of the body’s ailments and diseases originate in an acidic and dirty colon and drinking Kangen(TM) water has proven to clean, heal, and maintain a healthy colon.

True health is not only maintained through the water people consume, but also through water used for cooking, personal care, general cleansing and sanitation. Kangen(TM) water is more easily absorbed than other water because the molecules are smaller, says the company. It helps clean the body while providing balance to the immune system.

According to the company, Kangen(TM) water can burn fat and fight the effects of aging through cell activation. It offers immediate benefits by removing unnecessary, active oxygen from a person’s system due to its strong Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP).

Kangen(TM) water has a negative ORP to a minus of 400mV – the lower the mV, the better – when most bottled and tap waters have a positive ORP. Which ages the body.

Kangen(TM) water types include:

    * Filtered Tap Water (pH of 7) which is used with medicine, supplements, and in baby-formula preparation;

    * Kangen(TM) water (pH 8.0-9.5) is used as drinking water and in cooking to alkaline balance the body;

    * Strong Kangen(TM) water (pH 11 and up) is used for washing vegetables, meat and fish, and for cleaning stove tops, cutting boards, knives and dishes, cleaning bathrooms and removing stubborn stains;

    * Acidic Water (pH 5.5-6.5) is used for enhanced health of skin and takes the place of lotion. It tones and firms the skin while performing as an astringent. It’s a natural beauty product that may cure skin disorders; and

    * Strong Acidic Water (pH 2.7 or less) which is used for sanitation, washing hands, sterilizing kitchenware, in restaurants, hospitals and other institutional-type facilities.

Enagic manufactures the only water-processing machines capable of producing Kangen(TM) water. They have been selling these machines to hospitals, restaurants and farms for over 30 years. Individuals are also now discovering the benefits of making their own water at home which is rich in minerals, purged of impurities and free of contamination.

For information and to view videos about the proven effects of Kangen(TM) water, visit, or call 800-345-9905, to have questions answered.

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