Atreus Enables Service Providers to Improve Revenue with a-la-Carte Features

OTTAWA, Canada — Atreus Systems(TM), the leading supplier of provisioning software for VoIP and IMS-based services, this week announced a new product enhancement that allows providers to augment their base VoIP bundles with individual voice features orderable on an a-la-carte basis. Atreus’ a-la-carte capability gives providers unprecedented control for packaging their customer offerings, while increasing their average revenue per user (ARPU) and fostering customer retention with increased personalization.

In a related announcement, Atreus was named to the 2007 “Pulver 100” – the premier listing of privately-held growth companies that represent the future of the IP-voice communications ecosystem. This is the third consecutive year Atreus has been named to the list due to its continued leadership in helping large and emerging service providers solve the critical service delivery challenges in deploying VoIP and advanced IMS service bundles.

Pulver 100 The Atreus xAuthority provisioning solution features a flexible service bundling application that simplifies the process of creating offerings that combine the right mix of calling features and competitive pricing for specific target markets. The addition of a-la-carte capabilities to this application gives providers the flexibility to offer an unlimited number of optional features with minimal expense and equips them with the following key capabilities:

    * rapid definition of a-la-carte feature offerings with competitive pricing;

    * creation of mini-bundles made up of complementary features;

    * flexible distribution of offerings to specific markets, channels, and customers,

    * customer-driven feature up sell via an intuitive self-service portal.

Service providers can further boost their ARPU by combining add-on features into “selection sets”, which give users the option of choosing a single feature from a selection of similar features-for example, basic or premium voicemail-depending on their individual needs. Feature additions are not limited to VoIP calling features; the Atreus’ solution also lets providers up sell their customers with VoIP accessories, such as headsets, telephone adaptors, and phones.

“In the increasingly crowded VoIP arena, customer retention is key, and Atreus’ a-la-carte capability helps us achieve a level of innovation and differentiation that exceeds our customers’ expectations for service flexibility and personalization.” said Lee Crowe, CEO of Hipcom. “The Atreus solution has the added benefit of making these innovative offerings available via a self-service portal, which makes it simple for our customers to upgrade or modify their services when they need to.”

“Atreus’ a-la-carte provisioning capabilities help providers solve the thorny problem of offering low-priced add-ons without incurring disproportionate operations costs,” said Doug Bellinger, CTO, Atreus Systems. “Our solution makes it easy for providers to offer innovative services with options that users actually want, which helps them address the key challenges of reducing customer churn and generating incremental revenue streams.”

About Atreus Systems
Atreus Systems(TM) is the leading supplier of provisioning software for VoIP, IP service bundles, and IMS offerings. Atreus is the vendor of choice for the delivery of advanced IP services by leading providers, including Qwest, PCCW, Alcatel-Lucent, Telus, Cincinnati Bell, Centennial, Spirit Telecom, and Bell Aliant. Atreus has formed strategic partnerships with BroadSoft, Ericsson, Level 3 and Sonus, delivering carrier-class service provisioning and customer self-management for VoIP, IMS and advanced IP bundles.

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