LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Business Communication Headline News announces the launch of a unique interactive website for business communication college instructors. Courtland Bovee and John Thill, the leading authors of business communication college textbooks, designed the website,, to be used as a college classroom tool.

Thousands of visitors from more than 125 countries have already visited the site, which delivers late-breaking headline news with concise summaries.

Instructors can keep up to date on hot topics, important trends, and new technologies. Use of breaking news breathes new life into classroom lectures and helps instructors create fresh material and visuals.

Lectures can be supplemented with downloadable materials from “Business Communication Multimedia Resources” that include cutting-edge handouts, podcasts, online videos, and other new media.

The homepage highlights the most-read news articles, provides links to instructor resources, and offers a selection of the most popular new media resources available.

Bovee & Thill’s business communication textbooks are integrated into the website, with every posted news item categorized by chapter. Once instructors indicate which textbook they use, headlines that have appeared on the site can be seen for each chapter.

Other features include a “Business Communication Web Directory” with more than 240 topics and 5,000 links; “Business Communication News Links” offering key business communication news headlines from ten major news sources; and a “Business Communication Library” that provides access to thousands of articles fully searchable.

Visitors can also access 39 online “Business Communication Newsletters” on topics that include blogging, e-mail, podcasting, public speaking, and intercultural communication.

“Business Communication Search” is an exclusive online tool developed by Bovee & Thill that provides instructors with 334 search engines at their fingertips for quick, comprehensive web searching.

“It takes time and effort to find the most suitable search engine,” Bovee explained. “This new search tool provides instant access to hundreds of search engines for keyword searching on any topic.”

Subscriptions to “Business Communication Headline News” can be delivered in a variety of ways, including e-mail, MyYahoo, Google homepage, RSS newsreader, cell phone, instant messenger, via Mp3 players, and more.

“Our goal is to give instructors a comprehensive range of tools to make their teaching easier and more effective,” Thill said.

A student website, Business Communication Resources (, provides many of the same features.

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