Everyone from beauty queens to politicians wants World Peace. What most don’t know is that peace begins with us! Peace isn’t about what is going on in the Middle East, peace is how we relate to every individual we meet on a daily basis.

Beginning with our self, every relationship we have is a stepping stone to World Peace. We move outward from our center to our spouses, children, parents, siblings, family members, coworkers, supervisors, church, school, and community.

Shirley Ryan - Working TogetherAs we become more at peace within our personal worlds, we will extend that peace outward like ripples on a lake. This spiritual unity will be achieved one person at a time and permeate our world. A great new world order is unfolding and this holiday season is a good time to reflect on the past as it relates to our future. How can we evolve to these great heights you ask? Evolve to a place where we set a tone for peaceful relations with everyone we meet? Does that sound like a fantasy? Well it isn’t, just imagine and peace will grow.

The first part of this process is to let go. Let go of that which does not serve us or our future. Give the benefit of a doubt to that which you do not understand. Love deeply and unconditionally. Love is the answer to every question. Begin with love everyday and know that most people want the best out of living. Helping each other get the best out of life ensures success for all of humanity. This is a win-win scenario at its best, and a simple reframe in our thinking will help us to get there. Remember, what we send out we get back. This is the law of quantum physics and the law of attraction.

So what happens when we are zipping along, loving everyone and along come Aunt Thelma to throw a monkey wrench in our love machine? Well there will always be someone that disrupts the flow, right? We are only human. We don’t always see eye to eye with everyone, because we are different people even though we are connected at our roots to One Source. That said there may be folks in our lives that we love more when we don’t get to see them very often.

Ultimately, we need a plan to help us manage our “love machine” to keep moving with the flow. Briefly stated, we need to live spontaneously, but take charge. If we have a plan it helps when we get information we did not ask for. When someone says something that triggers a move down the path of negativity, stop a moment and regroup. Family gatherings are great for this, but it could be John at the office, Mary down the street or Mr. Jones at school.

Let’s get back to the Aunt Thelma’s of the world. Those wonderful people that know how to fix everything, just trust them and they will get the job done. Aunt Thelma might say something about marriage. She always uses our whole name or a cute nickname to address us, even if we are 42 years old.

“Rachel Mae you are so cute, when are you going to get married anyway? (Or have a baby; get a real job, etc.) Let’s not leave out the guys. “Now Bobby, how is it you are still unattached, have I ever got a gal for you! Can’t play the field forever, ya know?” The topic can be anything, but you get the idea.

She has just lovingly meddled in our business, right? She may not know it but she has just disrupted our love machine and she thinks she is helping! Even so, she really does want the best for us in her own way. This is her loving us the best way she knows how to, the way others have taught her to love.

So take minute and take in a breath and then let it out. Take another one in, its OK, you don’t have to answer right away. Take the time to breathe in the light and love of the Universe — keep eye contact, smiling and nodding affirmatively until the feeling is felt fully. Centered?

Now say to Aunt Thelma, hmmm…that sounds like something I’ll have to take a look at when I have time. Thank you so much for caring enough (mean it) to share that with me. I think now that you have pointed that out, I can work on it in my own way.

This message was not meant to be given with sarcasm so take care with your tone. This is you setting a limit or creating a loving boundary with her. Then let her know that you love and appreciate her caring enough to want the best for you. Think of this as a gift from her to you. Stay centered enough to see the possibilities. If there were no truth to what she was saying it would not offend or bother you in anyway. You would shake your head and shake it off. If it really does bother you then perhaps it deserves further scrutiny.

When you are alone, pretend that Aunt Thelma is a mirror to your soul. What is it that Aunt Thelma is saying that in your heart of hearts you know could be possible? Let yourself dialogue with Aunt Thelma in your minds eye, during a private moment. Is there something to be learned here?

Gals could it be that you have gotten too caught up in the Sex & the City kind of lifestyle? Or are you too comfortable with living alone or too anxious to use your energy to get into a relationship? Guys, have you put your one and only off too long? Is she making waves like she is ready to jump ship? Have you gotten so “into” sports night out that meaningful relationships seem boring by comparison?

Maybe those messages that you don’t want to hear aren’t all wet after all. Maybe there is a grain of truth in what is being shared. Perhaps some of those messages that make you crazy are really the Universe helping you to see where you need to go next. This is negative synchronicity making a statement, and if we listen we set the stage for positive synchronicity in all its glory! We get to a place where our lives move easily and effortlessly. Our world manifests’ our greatest desires before we ask. We live in a mirror-less world of pure intention.

We sometimes get so caught up in hanging on to who we think we are that we are unwilling to let new information in to build a better life, a better Self. That doesn’t mean that we have to act on each event right away, just suppose there is some part of the message that we need to look at. If so, do we have to feel so irritated by the message that we shoot the messenger? Find your sense of humor and joy in living.

Suspend judgment long enough to let the raw information into your heart and simmer, you never know what you will cook up. Let it be a recipe of love and peace. This is World Peace, one step at a time and one person at a time.

Happy Holidays everyone, and be of good cheer!

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